Thursday, February 24, 2011

10 Ways To Give A Good Talk

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Today  I was at a talk and it was quite well presented.  It reminded me of all the good ways one can present a talk.   As I do talks all over I am reminded of the best tips.   Talks are wonderful ways to get your brand or product out there.  You can get the attention of many people for about 30 minutes.   They will be focussed on you and what you have to say.    If you are thinking of giving a talk here are 10 tips that can help you.

1.  Start with a great topic.  People will be attracted to something that is popular at the moment eg networking, crm, social networks, marketing, how to topics.  

2.  Dress the part - if you represent an important brand then make sure you look neat and presentable.

3.  If you are going to have a power point presentation make sure you have a laptop and correct cables to connect to the Television and sound system.  Test it all beforehand.

4.  The week before rehearse your speech each day so that it is neat and polished.   Practice your voice so that you can be clearly heard.

5.  It's always good to throw in a joke now and again.

6.  Make sure you have some lucky giveaways and make sure your brand is on the packet.   Pop your business card in the packet.

7.  Make sure each table or chair has your business card and promo material on it.

8.  Get all the business cards of those that attended.  It's always good to email them to thank them for coming.

9.  One must always ensure that the talk is fun, insightful and leaves the people with something to remember and use in their daily lives.  Nobody likes a boring talk that goes on forever.

10.  Smile.  It's always important to smile and have fun with your talk.  Be relaxed.  If necessary do some relaxation and voice exercises before the talk.

Well all that is left is for you to get out there and get talking.  Set yourself a goal of how many talks you want to do each year and off you go.  Apporach networking groups to do some talks for them.

If you want you can even join a speaking network such as  Toastmasters.

You can also join

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