Thursday, February 3, 2011

When bad service can cost your company big time!

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Are you a business owner?  Are you passionate about giving your clients 100%.
Do you ensure your clients get the best service?  You should be. Otherwise it could cost you.

Today I went into a supermarket looking for a storage box that was on special.  Follow me if you will down this weird tunnel that is a supermarket.  You must understand that for most of us we take our goods, buy them and walk out. However a supermarket is filled full of staff and intricacies that you and I do not even think about.

So I went looking down the aisle for this box and finally found it.  Big surprise no bar code or price on it.
What a surprise.   Off we go to the section where the manager is.   No manager.  Had to ask a staff member to find him.  Are you with me so far?  Manager arrives and calls another staff member.  We have to take it to another staff member when we pay for our goods.  I buy all that I need and proceed to the checkout and start to pay and call the lady who I am supposed to call.  With me so far?

The lady comes and she has to call another lady.   The other lady has to go get some keys and  a code pad she fills in the code, it doesn't go through.  The queue is building.  You all with me so far?  She goes away in search of another code.  Nothing is communicated to me I must just read peoples minds.

The lady comes back and tries another code.  We hold our breath.  It doesn't go through.  The lady gives up and walks away.  I must now mind read that they cannot sell me the item.

This is a big supermarket.  

I leave without the box.

Now lets take a look at this huge faux pas.

Here are some good management tips if you just want to own a supermarket.

1.  As a manager you should walk down each aisle each morning to make sure all items are in the right place    and have prices on them.
2.  Always make sure somebody is at the manager's desk.  Impressions count.
3.  Communicate with your customers.
4.  Make your systems easy to operate.  It should be easy for a supervisor to turn a key or type in a override
     code and punch in whatever code or price they need.   I bet there's an app for that if not start a business.
5.  Communicate with your customers.

Now this did not cost this supermarket much but what if I walked in there to spend over R1 million rand.
Do you think it might cost them then?

Think about it!  

Make sure your company gives outstanding service or it could cost you big time!

Fly High, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Motivational Speaker & Business Analyst & I.T. Consultant & Writer

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