Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Tips To Make Your PowerPoint Powerful

Good day Readers

Today I am focusing on the PowerPoint and how to make yours powerful.

So the boss has asked you to give the team a PowerPoint and you are dreading it.

Here are 5 tips to make yours stunning.

1.  Use the 6-6 Tip

It's been said before that if you use the 6-6 Tip your PowerPoint will be stunning.
Well what is the 6-6 Tip?
Basically all it means is only have 6 points on each slide.
After 6 slides of writing have a picture or video.
That helps to break the monotony and make it stunning.

2.  Use topical pictures or videos

If you are going to use pictures or videos make sure they are relevant to the PowerPoint topic
and try to keep them updated.  See what is happening around you in the news and in your area.
Use pics or videos that reflect that.

3.  Use interesting statistics

If you are going to use slides that have statistics makes sure people can understand them.
They must be visually alive and easy to take in.

4.  Not too long now

Make sure your PowerPoint is not the new Tv series on the television.  In other words you don't want it to be too long.  You want people wanting more.  Also leave time for questions.

5.  Use slideshare

When the PowerPoint is finished make sure to share it on

This is a site where you can upload your PowerPoint's and share them with everyone.
A great networking option and somebody might like it and want you to give a talk at their conference.

Also on each slide put your company details and on the final slide give your contact details.
Where else can you advertise your business to so many avid fans?

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 Black Days For Blackberry

Greetings Readers.

Today I am looking in detail into what exactly happened with Blackberry.
Like millions of others I have a Blackberry and was in the dark, no red light, no emails, no BBM,
no Internet, no Social  Media.  Nothing.  Just a very expensive timepiece.

So what exactly happened?

Here is what we do know.  Blackberry is made by RIM (Research In Motion) based out of
Canada but now a huge world player.   Under pressure from shareholders for not performing
and not very good results with their new Tablet the Playbook.

This could not have come at a worse time for RIM.

What we do know is the fault apparently happened at one of RIM's communication hubs
in Slough, England.  A core switch failure occurred and the backup failed as well.
As far as we know RIM has multiple communication hubs that we know of one in Canada and
one in England, others in Europe, Asia and the USA.  Beyond that RIM keeps very quiet about if they have any other hubs.

As a result of the failure a huge backlog of data, emails and messages were created and it took a great deal of time to clear that backlog.  RIM managed to fix the problem for a short while then it crashed again and finally it is back up fully restored.

RIM has been signing on a huge amount of new subscribers who love their BBM and BIS services around the world.   RIM did not anticipate that so many people would sign on so quickly.

What can RIM learn from this:

  • Avoid keeping your customers in the dark
  • Nobody knew what was going on
  • There was no real communication between the networks and RIM, so communicate, keep your customers informed.
  • Reply to your customers who comment on Social Media platforms, keep them informed.
  • RIM Eventually started to put up status updates on the problem on the social media sites other companies can learn from that.
  • Plan better, it's a bit like Eskom, they were warned to build more Power Stations, they didn't and South Afrca experienced Power Problems.  
  • A good sugggestion for RIM would be to build new communication hubs in each continent to handle the huge load and new clients.
If you are still experiencing problems with your Blackberry do a hard reset, which means 
take your battery out and put it in again and that should rectify any problems.

However one thing  I do appreciate is what the Co-CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis did and I leave the last word with him.

Fly high, Fly free

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