Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How does one become successful?

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How does one become successful?

Well, how does one?

As a business owner one has to start off with a very good business plan.
Review it weekly and monthly to make sure you are on the right course.
Does your business name reflect what your company does?
Think about that name carefully.

How do you intend marketing your company and finding clients?
Use what is out there like twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube and other social networking sites.

Do you have a website?  It should be easy to view and use and all your contact details should be on there.

You should also network and that means going to network events at least once a week.  Give your business cards to people you think might benefit from your services and get their business cards and follow up.

Draw up a huge list of contacts that you can contact via email or newsletter.

Get the name of your company out there, advertise in newspapers and magazines that your clients would read.

How do you dress for the office?  Make sure what you wear reflects your corporate identity.
Be neat and well dressed.  It gives clients a good impression.

Motivate your staff to do well.  Nobody likes working in an office where everyone is scared to do something.
Make your office a creative environment and from this great idea's will surface.

Make sure you are doing something you love.   Do you enjoy your work?  You should.  It should make
you happy doing what you love.

Once your business is thriving look to expand throughout your country, continent and eventually the world.

I wish you continued success in whatever field you work in.

Fly high
Fly free

Fred Felton
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