Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Tips On How To Run A Coffee Shop

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Today I am focusing on some tips on how to run a coffee shop.   This weekend I was up the
North Coast and was having breakfast at a fairly popular coffee shop.   It was pretty busy and I couldn't help noticing the management and how they looked after their customers.

Here are the tips I noticed.

1.  Always be watching your staff.
Keep an eye on your staff and see that they are constantly serving customers and helping customers out.
Make sure they are kept busy clearing tables and getting bills for customers.

2.  Always be watching your customers.
Make sure they are always enjoying their experience.  Check that they get their meals.  If necessary lend a hand and clear tables if your staff are busy.   Clean the tables if need be.

3.  Have a chat with your customers.
It always pays to go up to each table and chat to your customers.  Ask if everything is satisfactory.  Find out if they are on holiday.   Make sure they enjoy their experience at your coffee shop.

4.  Make sure the customer leaves happy.
If you feel that the customer has waited too long for their meal give them something free on the house such as a free slice of cake.   Make sure they leave with a smile.

5.  Check the bills.
Make sure each table gets the right bill.  Always ensure the correct amounts are billed.
Ensure your staff are kept motivated and happy.

The most important thing is that your customer leaves happy.  If they leave happy they will be telling their friends and you will be getting more and more customers.

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Fred Felton
Motivational Speaker & IT Consultant & Biz Consultant

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Tips For Small Business Owners

Greetings readers and bloggers.

Welcome to another entry in my blog.

Today I focuss on small business owners.   Here are some tips that can help you
become more productive with your business.

1.  Use the diary in your cellphone.
Most cellphones today have diaries in them and you can sync your main diary with it and schedule your meetings on the go. If you have a blackberry it will even tell you the time you have available during the day.  This is most valuable as a business owner because time is precious and you have to use it as best you can each day creatively.  

2.  Market your business.
When you are starting out you are going to have to shove your business name down peoples throats.
That means branding your car on the sides and even the back.   When people sit in 2 hour traffic jams and stare at the car in front of them they just might see a business they need.  

3.  Give out those business cards.
Design some catchy business cards and give them out wherever you go, at networking events, conferences, coffee shops, wherever you go.   They should clearly display your name, position, company, what you do, contact details, email, website, twitter username and maybe even your blog.

4.  Advertise your business.
You will have to start advertising your business as well.  That means advertising in publications or newspapers that your target market reads.   If you have a small budget you can even advertise on free sites on the internet and place ads on the internet.   Use your blog or website to advertise too.

5.  Start a email newsletter.
Work on a simple email newsletter that you can send out to clients and potential clients.  Get their permission and then email it to them weekly or monthly filled with tips that can help them and then offer your services.   This is a proven sales strategy.

6.  How do you answer the phone?
Well, how do you?  Is it,  Hi.  or Ya or Hello (long pause as you wait if any telemarketer is going to hit you with a sales pitch for some new mobile phone.)    Make sure that you treat each call as a potential sales call and when you answer your phone remember that you represent your business.   So something good would be 'Hello, This Is John Smith from ABC Cleaners how can I help you?'

7.  Use your invoices as sales options.
When you send out your invoices to clients don't forget to send out any new specials you have or new services you are providing.

8.  Inbox, Outbox.
Make sure you keep a clean office and that means as bills or receipts or admin comes in it is handled promptly and filed in the right folders.

9.   Email tips.
Have a good email address which represents your company name.   Make sure you also have a good email signature at the end of your email with all your contact details and maybe a special you are running.  File your emails in folders such as action, to do, next week, next month, clients.   Set up whatever folders you want but just make sure you know what your system is and clear it monthly.

10.  Network, network, network.
Attend as many networking events as you can from business meetings to conferences to exhibits.
They will help you out and meet new people, find out what they do, get interested in what they do and get a business card and give yours and in a day or two email them to set up a coffee meeting.  Take it from there.

Well hope those tips help you out in your business and it leads to making your small business a big business  :)

Contact me if you would like me to come by and show you more business tips.

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Motivational Speaker & Biz Analyst & IT Consultant
Falcon's Cove Consulting

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

20 Companies Worth Using In South Africa

Good day readers and bloggers.

Welcome to another entry in my blog.

Today I am looking at 20 companies that are worth doing business with in South Africa.  You may not have heard of them but trust me they are worth your time.

This morning I was off to the Enterprise Development Expo that was held at Suncoast Casino Conference Centre.  The Expo was hosted by eThekwini Municipality-Business Support, Tourism and Markets Unit.

At the expo we listened to 20 companies tell us about their companies and what services they provide.

It was truly inspiring to listen to them and the future of South Africa looks wonderful.

These companies are worth putting in your contact list.

1.  Life Events (Product:  Event Management & Productions)
They have experience in hosting big events at the ICC and music events, golf days etc.
Other services: Corporate events, Womens Day Events, Wellness Events.  Social Development.

Contact Details:  Priya Chetty
Tel: 031-464-8417

2.  Ikhayelihle Cleaning Services (Product: Corporate Hygiene & cleaning service)
A very impressive cleaning service.  Other services include: Healthcare and hygiene services.  Garden services.  Specialised Floor maintenance.  Pest control services.

Contact Details:  Thoko Mdluli
Tel: 031-312-0900

3.  SmartTrac (Product:  Vehicle Tracking)
This company provides vehicle tracking, tracking of valuable items and even tracking of cellphones.

Contact: Shobna Ganasen
Tel: 084-401-3227

4.  Jakalase Communications (Product: Communications)

A company that deals in sound and event management for corporate events.  Conference systems, Lighting.
Audio-Visual equipment.

Contact: Innoncent Khumalo
cell: 084-499-2606

5.  Mahlambazi Business Enterprises (Product: Office & Custom Furniture)

This company can provide you with custom furniture from chairs to desks for your home or office.
They even do restoring of old furniture.

Contact: Seline Mbambo
Cell: 072-156-7352

6.  Nto's Photo City  (Product: Printing)

This company is based at Bridge City near Durban and specialises in Digital Printing, Banners,
T-Shirts, Overalls, Business Cards, Car Signage, Badges and Photography.

Contact: Ntokozo
Cell: 073-602-6845

7.  Premeir BEE  (Product:  BEE Verification)

This company can help you with a BEE certificate for your company.

Contact: Kerry Maskell
Tel: 0861 438 233

8.  Makhawini Recruitments (Product: HR Recruitment)

This company specialises in getting the right person for the right job.

Contact: Mthoko Miya
Tel: 031-301-5001

9.  Thuthukile Organisational Develoment Services (Product: Training)

This company can help you with Research Services, Consulting Services and Accreditation Programmes.

Contact: Ms Jabu Ntuli
Tel: 031-563-3107

10.  Human Asset Assessments (Product: Psychometric assessments)

This company can help with Assesments of your staff and with training and development.

Contact: Preshika Roopnarain
Cell: 072-840-4927

11.  Mqwathi Communications (Product: IT Support & Infrastructure)

This company helps with all your IT support and needs.

Contact: Dikela Nyangiwe
Cell: 072-403-2731

12.  Afronic Data  (Product: IT Training, Hardware & Consulting)

This company deals in IT Training and help with your computer hardware.

Contact: Siboniso Mtshali
cell: 083-237-8208

13.  The IT Clinic (Product: IT Training)

This company can help you with computer training in various sectors from sql to programming to
data analysis.  They can also help you with checking that your staff are doing their work using
tailor made programs.

Contact: Sean Achim
Cell: 079-137-8556

14.  Khanya Africa Networks  (Product: IT Consulting, Planning & Support)

This company can help you with all your IT needs.

Contact: Mahluleli Nomtyala
cell: 073-149-8814

15.  Website Factory (Product: Visual Communication & Marketing)

This company deals in Web Solutions, eMarketing, Branding, Publishing, Copy writing
mobile marketing, cellphone based website design and have relationships with the Durban Chamber,
Microsoft and the Black Management Forum.

Contact :Ayanda Madonsela
cell :083-587-8157

16.  Creative Leads Productions (Product: Marketing & Communications)

This company can help with Graphic Design, Website Design, Animation.

Contact: Sphe Mbhele
Cell: 072-058-6675

17.  Zee Bee Freight and Logistics  (Product: Freight & Logistices)

This company can help you with all your transport needs.   They are very professional
and make sure they hire the right people.   They transport freight, fuel, gas, cargo and much more.

Contact: Gugu Khumalo
cell: 082-217-2110

18.  Siyaya Surveillance (Product: Security Solutions)

This company can provide you with CCTV camera's and surveillance camera's for your company or
private residences or shopping malls or urban parks.  They also had a new product you can use with a blackberry cellphone which allows you to watch a live feed of the camera on your blackberry.
So if you want to know what is going on in your home or office or warehouse this product is for you.

Contact: Hemanth Bindapersad
cell: 082-822-5563

19.  Gateway Services Africa (Product: Social Corporate Investment)

This company assists you in donating money to a good charity of your choice and they make sure
the money is well looked after and monitored.  They also report back to you.
Donations made to Gateway Services Africa qualify for 25 BEE points and are tax deductible.

Contact: Karien Hunter
Cell: 083-449-2969

20.  The Development House (Product: Rural Recruitment Platform)

This foundation helps unemployed people find work.  They have a database of people that need work
and help lend a hand up to them.  They are a non-profit organisation.

Contact: Darlene Menzies
Tel: 0861 763 279

Well that's quite a list.  Feel free to forward this list onto other people who might need the services
of these 20 companies.

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Motivational Speaker & Biz Analyst & IT Consultant

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 Tips On How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

Welcome readers and bloggers to another entry in my blog.

Today I am focussing on Twitter and how to use it to market your business.

Take a look at these 10 tips and try and integrate them into your social networking strategy for your business.

1.  What does your profile say?
Think about this carefully.  What does it say?  Is it in line with your corporate identity.  Does it show what your company does?  Does it show what services you do?  Do you have your contact details there and a link to your website or blog?

2.  What do you tweet about?
It sometimes pays to tweet about useful stuff and pass that on to people or potential clients.
It also pays to retweet.

3.  Use #FF
On Friday it pays to use the #FF hashtag which stands for Follow Friday and you can select some tweeps to add there and in such a way you build a following.

4.  Remember as a rep of a company what you tweet here represents your company and brand so remember that when you want to tweet something.

5.  Ask yourself, how can I market my business with a tweet?

6.  Use one or two hashtags that are relevant to your business.   So if you are in marketing use #marketing.
Use #business if you are in the business world.  You might also add a city where you are located such as #Durban or #LA

7.  Use Twitpic or any other picture sharing site to add useful photo's of product launches.

8.  Add people that you feel will be able to help your business or might need your services.  Also remember to help others out, it's a two way street on Twitter.

9.  Make sure you have some powerful Twitter tools to help you such as Ubersocial, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Crowdbooster.   These help you to schedule tweets which can be sent to all parts of the world at different times.   They also have some valuable statistics and reports and what is working and what is not.

10.  Have fun on Twitter.   Don't forget to also have fun on twitter.   The important thing is to make some good friends on Twitter and through that you can build relationships which in turn will lead to big business.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
MC, Voice Over Artist, Motivational Speaker, IT Consultant & Biz Analyst

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Independent Review Of The Website

Welcome readers and bloggers.

Today I am doing a review of the SA site safindit

Well, what is it?
Today I had a chat with Shaun Trennery (find him @shauntrennery on twitter) from safindit and he told me all about the site.    He describes it as the place of places.

It's a wonderful site and it shows you local info discovered.

No matter what you are looking for you can search for it on the site, from businesses, places to stay, shops to go to,   good eating places you name it it's on there.  They are constantly adding new sites.

The difference with this site is they give you the story behind each listing.   They also interview interesting
people and find out the places they like frequenting.

The site also incorporates news, entertainment and various other stories circulating the web and the world.

They have also integrated twitter, facebook and foursquare into the site which makes for something.
You can also see who has visited these places and what they think of it.

When you click on a search item you get a detailed view of the place or product from contact details to google maps to email addresses, telephone and so much more.

They have just introduced Bribes into the equation as well.  I'm not going there you will have to visit the site to find out what that is about.

Definitely a site worth visiting and keeping an eye on.

I think it will be growing rapidly into a huge website.

So keep an eye on  safindit

Rating  5 Stars (Excellent)  * * * * *

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
MC & Motivational Speaker & Keynote Speaker
IT Consultant
Biz Consultant

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What are you willing to do?

Welcome readers and bloggers to another entry in my blog.

Today we discuss 'What are you willing to do?'

Well dear reader what are you willing to do to succeed?
I get asked this all the time, what is the secret to success?
Well it takes long hours of working and networking.  It requires the discipline to do that extra work
or study for that other course while other people are out having a party or going for drinks.
It requires networking every week at least for 6 hours a week.

It also requires following up and setting up databases for your clients.
Then you have to make sure you send them newsletters and remind them of your specials.
Sometimes you even have to work weekends to succeed.

You have to be ready so that when somebody asks for your services you can help them instead of
going out and watching a movie.

You have to be in tune with the world so that you can see the opportunity and use it to succeed.
Surround yourself with positive people and the success will come.

It's only a matter of time.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
MC & Voice Over Artist & Motivational Speaker
Biz Analyst
IT Consultant


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