Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Websites that impressed me in 2011

Greetings Dear Readers.

Right about now you will be on holiday and maybe shopping for gifts for family or friends
for all of those year end parties you go to.

I feel a tiny bit sorry for those of you who have to work at this time of year.
Just a tiny bit.

Can you believe it 2011 is almost finished and almost time for 2012.

I thought I would share with you 5 Websites that impressed me in 2011.

Here we go:

1.  Twitter


One of my favourite sites.  So much on there from news, views, interviews,
useful links, people venting, amusing pics and videos and I could go on and on.
Not to mention it's a useful messaging site.  Will it replace email?  Only time
will tell.

2.  Podomatic


Some people call this the wave of the future, podcasting, webcasting, having
your own shows on the net, from radio shows to tv shows to web seminars.
All of this for free.  Nifty hey.

3.  Visibli


For those of you who are big on social media and marketing this is the site for you.
It basically adds a bar above all your links, photo's blog entries and more for every
link you put out there on the interweb.   On that blog you can put up some wonderful things
like your social media profiles, your website and so much more.  A very powerful
marketing tool and the stats are fantastic.

4.  TinyLetter


For those of you looking to start with email newsletters this site is for you.
Very easy to use and it works.  That's right you heard me it works :)
Highly recommended.

5.  VibeDeck


A really interesting site for all you musicians out there.  It allows you
to sell your cd's, songs, ep's and more online and with the social media
integration you can decide if you want to give it away or use
the pay with a tweet or facebook message option.  Very slick site.

Well those should keep you busy for awhile at least till you decide to
hit the beach or try that game reserve or read a book.

Do you have any cool websites you have discovered in 2011?
Let me know.

Wish you and yours Seasons Greetings and have a successful 2012  :)

Yours in social media

Fred Felton
Speaker & Social Media Consultant & Author
email: falconscove@gmail.com

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

5 Blogs Worth Checking Out

A warm welcome to all my readers.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Below are 5 Blogs that are really worth checking out.   They cover a
variety of topics and should keep you interested all year round.

1.  Project Me


The blog is run by @Jodenecoza a wonderful lady who is very active on Twitter.
She blogs everyday and is actively involved in the #FollowSA initiative.
A wonderful blog to read daily if you can packed full of wonderful info.

2.  Quicksprout run by Neil Patel


This is the blog of Neil Patel.  Packed full of useful info and updated regularly.
On this blog you will find useful info which ranges from Twitter, to design,
to social media tips, to business tips and I could go on and on.
Really worth a read.   Find him on Twitter - @neilpatel

3.  Ask Ashe


A blog run by Durban based blogger Ashe.  Full of useful info about Durban, South Africa.
events about town, entries about fashion and so much more.  Really
worth checking out.  Find her on Twitter @AskAshe

4.  Laura Roeder's Blog


A young entrepreneur with a very smart head on her shoulders.  She has some wonderful
advice in her blog.   Everything from social media advice, how to write blogs and now and
again you even get a webinar.  You learn so much from this blog.  On Twitter - @lkr

5.  The Fantasy / Reality World of a Writer


This is the blog of writer Craig Smith  find him on Twitter - @CraigWFSmith
If you are interested in writing or reading fantasy writing check out his blog
you might just pick up some tips.  Full of #FlashFriday writing, writing tips
and even some videos check it out.

That should keep you busy for awhile dear readers.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker & Social Media Consultant & Author
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
email: falconscove@gmail.com

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Friday, November 25, 2011

5 Marketing Tips For Your Business

Greetings readers

Welcome to this entry which is all about marketing today.
Here are 5 tips to help your business get known.

1.  Use Social Media

You are in the greatest time at the moment.   The time of Social Media.  There are so many
avenues for you to put your name out there.   So get out there and setup a Twitter Page for
your company and start telling people what you do.  Tell people about your specials.
Post pictures of where you are located.   Do a course to learn how to use social media for
your business.  Respond to clients on Twitter and build brand awareness.

Start a Facebook Fan Page for your business and build up a fan base of clients for your company.
Post useful links and updates and help others out.   People will soon find out who you are
and flock to you.

Start exploring Google +  and start a Google + Page for your business as well and add people to
your circles and network on their.

Have a Linkedin Page and network with other business minded individuals and companies.

Write a blog and tell people what you do everyday.  

2.  Network like crazy

If you are starting out well then nobody knows about you and you have to get out there
and find some people who might want your business.  How do you do this?  Well you start
going to networking meetings.  Most cities worldwide have networking meetings regularly.
They range from business networking events to art shows to openings of new shops.
There are many places one can go to network.  So set out to do at least 3 networking
meetings a week if you can and collect those business cards make those connections
and stay in touch.  Follow up with emails and meet for coffees.

3.  Make a YouTube Video

No matter what your product is make a video of what it is you sell.  Whether
it be a product or training course or book, whatever it is make a video and
upload it to YouTube.   Millions of potential customers are on that site.

4.   Brand yourself and your car

If you have a car consider putting your brand and contact details on your car.
Many people sit in rush hour traffic starting at the car in front of them.
Have your business  name on your outfits or on a label so people can see
what you do.

5.  The Business Card

One of the most effective marketing tools is a business card.   Get a professional
to design one for you and make sure it has all your relevant details.  Keep it in
a nice business card holder and give it out to all your prospective clients
and people you meet.  You never know, they might want your service
or someone they know might want it.

Fly high,  Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker & Social Media Consultant &  Biz Analyst
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
'Social Media Is Our Biz'
email: falconscove@gmail.com

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 Tips For Entrepreneurs

Greetings dear readers.

Last night I was invited to the Fnb #BizNetwork Event and it was wonderful to hear all
the speakers and to look around and see all the business owners and entrepreneurs.

It got me thinkin about all the entrepreneurs out there.  If you have an idea of
being an entrepreneur here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. Find The Gap
Take yourself off to a coffee shop and sit down with a pen and paper and write
down all those fantastic ideas you keep to yourself stuck in your head.  You know
those ones that are going to make you millions well write them all down.
Look around you in your area and think hard, what gap can you fulfill?
What service can you provide?  What can you provide that nobody else can?
Can you corner a market?  Write down 10 ideas and cut them down to 3
and then choose the one that interests you the most.

    2.   Write a business plan

Once you have your idea get a good business plan in place and work out 
if you can afford to do this.  How much will you charge?  Where will you sell?
Are you going to be in one suburb, one city or the whole country?
How will you get financing, banks, friends, family where?

    3.  Set goals for your business

Put your goals down on paper or on your computer or tablet or cellphone.
What do you want to achieve with this business.  Where do you see it in 1 year,
5 years, 10 years?   Is your aim to sell it for profit or carry on till you pass it on to your
children.  What is your aim, think it through.     Have a checklist for your business.
What are the things you will need? Stationery, business cards, marketing what else?
Write it all down and keep pen and paper nearby in case you forget anything 
and write down all your idea's for your business as well.  

   4.  Prepare for long hours ahead

As a business owner you must be prepared to work long and hard.  You might
have to cancel meetings, lunches, weekend plans etc.  Will you be able
to commit to this?  The more you put in the more you get out remember that.

   5.   Love what you do

When you start this business remember it has to be something you love doing
because you are going to be doing it for a long time.  You have to be 
passionate about your business and if you are your business will get bigger
and bigger.  

Now get out there, start that business and get your first client.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker & Author & Social Media Consultant
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
email: falconscove@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Speaking Tips

Greetings readers.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far.

Last week  I was invited by the wonderful people of SOCAPSA to give a talk
at their conference in Johannesburg on Twitter 101.  The Conference had a wonderful
Social Media theme and I came back with some wonderful idea's and have met some
amazing people.

Along the way listening to all the speakers I came across some amazing tips
for speakers that I thought I would share with my dear readers so here they
are just for you:

1.  Being funny helps

As I watched the various speakers I became aware that if you add a bit of humour it helps
and people love it when bits of your talk are funny.   They laugh and at the same time
they learn about your topic and at the end of it come away with a smile on their face.

2.  Have your contact details on the first slide

Now this I noticed from @staffordmasie a wonderful speaker.  Put your Twitter
username on the first slide of your talk and leave it there for awhile.
A wonderful tool to create awareness of who you are and where people
can find you.

3.  Contact details

At the end of your talk leave up a slide of your contact details and where people
can find you and get hold of you.  Give as much as you can so people have
a variety of options.

4.  The magic of weaving

When I listened to Clem Sunter I noticed he is a past master at this.
Find a way during your talk to weave into your talk all the types of services
you do and where you have recently spoken, what workshops you have just done
and where you are going after this.

5.  Show people what you do

Some of the wonderful speakers also showed people what they do and the
services they provide.  They also showed who their clients are and what they
do for those clients.

It is also polite to thank your hosts when you start and the speakers before you.
Hope that helps you out in your speaking career dear reader.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Keynote Speaker & Social Media Consultant
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
'Social Media Is Our Biz'
Talks, Workshops and Consulting
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Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Tips To Make Your PowerPoint Powerful

Good day Readers

Today I am focusing on the PowerPoint and how to make yours powerful.

So the boss has asked you to give the team a PowerPoint and you are dreading it.

Here are 5 tips to make yours stunning.

1.  Use the 6-6 Tip

It's been said before that if you use the 6-6 Tip your PowerPoint will be stunning.
Well what is the 6-6 Tip?
Basically all it means is only have 6 points on each slide.
After 6 slides of writing have a picture or video.
That helps to break the monotony and make it stunning.

2.  Use topical pictures or videos

If you are going to use pictures or videos make sure they are relevant to the PowerPoint topic
and try to keep them updated.  See what is happening around you in the news and in your area.
Use pics or videos that reflect that.

3.  Use interesting statistics

If you are going to use slides that have statistics makes sure people can understand them.
They must be visually alive and easy to take in.

4.  Not too long now

Make sure your PowerPoint is not the new Tv series on the television.  In other words you don't want it to be too long.  You want people wanting more.  Also leave time for questions.

5.  Use slideshare

When the PowerPoint is finished make sure to share it on  www.slideshare.net

This is a site where you can upload your PowerPoint's and share them with everyone.
A great networking option and somebody might like it and want you to give a talk at their conference.

Also on each slide put your company details and on the final slide give your contact details.
Where else can you advertise your business to so many avid fans?

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker & Social Media Talks, Workshops & Consulting
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 Black Days For Blackberry

Greetings Readers.

Today I am looking in detail into what exactly happened with Blackberry.
Like millions of others I have a Blackberry and was in the dark, no red light, no emails, no BBM,
no Internet, no Social  Media.  Nothing.  Just a very expensive timepiece.

So what exactly happened?

Here is what we do know.  Blackberry is made by RIM (Research In Motion) based out of
Canada but now a huge world player.   Under pressure from shareholders for not performing
and not very good results with their new Tablet the Playbook.

This could not have come at a worse time for RIM.

What we do know is the fault apparently happened at one of RIM's communication hubs
in Slough, England.  A core switch failure occurred and the backup failed as well.
As far as we know RIM has multiple communication hubs that we know of one in Canada and
one in England, others in Europe, Asia and the USA.  Beyond that RIM keeps very quiet about if they have any other hubs.

As a result of the failure a huge backlog of data, emails and messages were created and it took a great deal of time to clear that backlog.  RIM managed to fix the problem for a short while then it crashed again and finally it is back up fully restored.

RIM has been signing on a huge amount of new subscribers who love their BBM and BIS services around the world.   RIM did not anticipate that so many people would sign on so quickly.

What can RIM learn from this:

  • Avoid keeping your customers in the dark
  • Nobody knew what was going on
  • There was no real communication between the networks and RIM, so communicate, keep your customers informed.
  • Reply to your customers who comment on Social Media platforms, keep them informed.
  • RIM Eventually started to put up status updates on the problem on the social media sites other companies can learn from that.
  • Plan better, it's a bit like Eskom, they were warned to build more Power Stations, they didn't and South Afrca experienced Power Problems.  
  • A good sugggestion for RIM would be to build new communication hubs in each continent to handle the huge load and new clients.
If you are still experiencing problems with your Blackberry do a hard reset, which means 
take your battery out and put it in again and that should rectify any problems.

However one thing  I do appreciate is what the Co-CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis did and I leave the last word with him.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
'Social Media Is Our Biz' 
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

R.i.P. Steve Jobs

Good day Bloggers.

Today I am leaving this video up in memory of a wonderful man.
Steve Jobs.

He left us with so much.

R.I.P.  Steve Jobs.

You will be missed.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
Speaker - Social Media Talks, Workshops & Consulting
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Twitter Tools Worth A Look

Good day my friends.

This time we are looking at Twitter and some nifty tools that I use to help my Twitter experience
become even better.  These are 5 that I absolutely love.

1. Tweetdeck


The tried and trusted tool for social media managers.  It opens up multiple windows for you and
you can manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts and post to many
social media sites all at the same time.
Also allows for scheduled tweets and tracking of who said what to you.
Highly recommended.

2. Hootsuite


Another great tool for social media management.  Similar in ways to Tweetdeck however
also provides more detailed analysis as long as you use the Hootsuite sharing service ow.ly.
Stats are delivered into your email inbox weekly.  Neat hey.
Loads more has been added to this wonderful software package.

3.  Ubersocial


The mobile app that keeps you updated about Twitter when you are on the go.
You can also post to Facebook as well, see what is happening with your inner circle and
see what is happening in the near vicinity of you.  Very nifty indeed.

4.  Crowdbooster


A great social media manager especially for twitter.  Can show you which are your best tweets, can even suggest the best times for you to send Tweets, shows you who your best followers are.
We can go on and on but my blog is not long enough.  A fantastic tool and also sends
statistics to your email.  Very valuable tool.

5.  Justunfollow


A tool I have started to use more and more.  Due to the amount of bots and spam you get on Twitter this is a wonderful tool.  It helps you sort out the bots and junk.  It also helps you find out who your non-followers
are, yes we know who you are!  Non-followers are those people who don't follow you when you follow
them.  It also helps you find out who the Inactive Followers are.  From 1 month to 6 months or even more.
A fantastic tool to help weed out the weeds.

Well dear friends hope you can use some of those Tools the next time you head off to Twitter.

What are some of your favourite Twitter tools?

Fly High, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
Social Media Is Our Biz
Speaker - Trainer - Social Media Consultant
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

Good day Readers.

This week we have an interesting topic.

What Are You Waiting For?

Well, dear reader, what are you waiting for?

Are you sitting there in your boring job wondering what you are doing there?
Do you have some sort of talent, something that you are good at?
Well, what are you waiting for?  What's stopping you?
Make a plan and go to it.  Focus on your talent and start doing what you love doing.
Whether it is acting or starting up that advertising business or even writing that book.
Get cracking and work on making that dream a reality.

Here are 5 tips to get you started.

1.  What are you good at?
The first thing to work on is to discover what you are good at?
What one thing could you do for no money?  What is easy for you to do?
What comes naturally to you? What do you love doing?  Answer that and
you are on the way.

2.  Formulate a plan.
Now that you have discovered what you love doing form a plan to succeed.
Work on achieving certain goals in 5, 10 and 20 years from now.

3.  Surround yourself with positive people.
When you start out you will always find people who will say you will not succeed.
So instead only surround yourself with positive people who will help you on your way.

4.  Find a mentor.
Find a mentor who is a success in your chosen career path.  Meet with them weekly or monthly
if you can and pick their brains ask all the advice you need and bounce idea's off them and listen to
what they have to say.

5.  Focus.
Focus on your chosen path and let nothing stop you from achieving what you want to do.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Fly High, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Speaker - Social Media Consultant
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Social Media Breakfasts Coming To Durban

Good day Readers.

If you look at the top of my Blog you can see that something big is arriving in Durban.
Yup @Jodenecoza is coming to Durban and she is doing Social Media talks with me.

We are hard at work at FalconsCove to make sure this is one of the best Social Media
Breakfasts ever.  Jodene does talks around the country and she is currently doing
her #socialiseme breakfasts around the country and now it is Durban's turn.

Here is the press release hot off the press so to speak!

Social Media – how to make it work for you and your brand
Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Foursquare and the latest Google+– this is what everyone is talking about at the moment. People are spending time writing blogs and uploading pictures on Facebook, brands are communicating with their consumers through Facebook updates and Tweets and freedom of speech has hit an all time high. It is obvious that the transition from traditional media to digital media is in progress and it is important that we embrace it now otherwise we will be left behind.
Many individuals, organisations and brands are scared to be active on the variety of social media platforms. And in an online world where there are a great number of formulas that can grow an online presence, not many suppliers of the formula can prove their benefits. And we often find that South Africans take an American formula and apply it to the online world we live in. We often forget how important it is to consider the online psyche in South Africa and adopt this to an individual’s or company’s brand.
Jodene, the co-founder of Lifeology, blogger and social influencer, has identified the need to teach South African individuals and brands why it is important to have online presence. “While there is an abundance of technical support out there and many people can answer the “how to” of socialising yourself, I aim to tackle the reasons why it is important to be online and how to align the needs of the brand with the platforms while showing the best way to use them,” says Jodene. As a blogger and social influencer, Jodene has learned the fearless approach to socialising a brand online and strips away the rules of online media, guiding you to allow the personality of your brand to stand out in the online platforms.
This was the reason “Social media Breakfasts with Lifeology and Falcon’s Cove” came to be. “Socialise Me is a unique product because it incorporates the tools and first-hand experience they used to grow their social media presence and these breakfasts will explore the different aspects of their approach,” says Jodene.
Who should attend these breakfasts:
·         Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to promote themselves and their business online
·         Marketing managers who seek to understand and harness the power of a social media campaign for their company
·         Website owners who need to increase the traffic to their website/blog
·         Groups, clubs and community based organisations looking to build a membership base
·         Independent professionals who want to grow their referral and client networks
“It is easy to dismiss the importance of social media and networking, but it has never been as important for individuals, brands and organisations to embrace this new style of communication. If we make sure we are doing it properly from the get go, it will pave the way to success,” concludes Jodene.
The cost per person is R500.  There will be two breakfasts on Tuesday 20 August 2011 and Wednesday 21 August 2011. .   Time: 8h30 for 9am. The event will be held at Hirsch’s, 5 Royal Palm Avenue, Umgeni Business Park.  (Next to Hyundai, near Makro)

For more information or to book contact Fred by e-mail falconscove@gmail.com
Or Cell: 076-977-5788

About Jodene and Lifeology:
Jodene is the co-founder of Lifeology, a life awareness and people development company encouraging courage, consciousness and a sense of humour. They focus on highlighting the understanding that taking responsibility of our own lives is so impactful that it can change the world. As a life achievement facilitator, social media butterfly and through her daily blog, Project Me, along with her years of online presence, she has established herself as a social influencer who assists individuals and companies in understanding the power of being present on social networking platforms. Some of her achievements including blogging daily for over 560 days, she has hosted the Mashable International Social Media day event at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg as part of 1400 events worldwide and she has been a guest on SAFM and Radio 2000 as a prominent South African social influencer.
About Fred and Falcon’s Cove
Fred is the owner of Falcon’s Cove, a digital media agency which markets companies and brands online as a way for clients to get extra customers and to create brand awareness.  He also does social media talks and workshops around the country including talks on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, FourSquare, Blogging and how to use social media for your business. 
He has helped out the Durban Chamber of Commerce with Social Media Consulting and has a widely read blog.  He also runs a online giftshop, Falcon’s Cove Gift Shop

Please bring your business cards as there will be a lucky draw afterwards.

To create awareness of this event please start using the hashtag #socialiseme before the event and during the event.  We encourage people to Tweet during the event using this hashtag.
When you arrive at the breakfast please check in using FourSquare.

Please feel free to pass this on to friends, family and business colleagues who you think might need to attend this breakfast.

Well hope to see you at one of the Breakfasts Dear Readers.

Fly High, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Speaker - Social Media Consultant
Falcon's Cove 
A Digital Media Agency 
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

What is a Tweetup?

Hello there readers, today I shall be concentrating on Tweetups and giving you some tips on them.
Last week I was involved in organising a Tweetup and while I was doing it I got a lot of enquiries about
Tweetups, what are they?  What's a Tweetup?  etc etc.

So here is some help for you who do not know what a Tweetup is.

What is a Tweetup?
A Tweetup is a meeting of people from Twitter who meet in a social gathering to meet the people
they Tweet to.  Sometimes it is just a social gathering and sometimes speakers are organised,
prizes are given and creative games are played.

How do you organize a Tweetup?
The easiest way is to use something like twtvite.com - www.twtvite.com
The interface is pretty easy and you can share it on many social networking sites.
Then get the word out early and share it with all your friends and the people you would like to see at the event.

Keep promoting the Tweetup?
Keep telling people in the area about it so if you are having it in Durban, use the hashtag
#DBNTweetup or #DurbanTweetup or #Durban so people can see it when they search for tweetups.
Have it at a central venue and choose a good time to meet.

Start early
Start promoting the Tweetup early so that you can get awareness of the event and tell people on Facebook and  other sites about it also.

At the Tweetup
Have a host or MC and their job is to make sure the Tweetup is setup, food and drinks are ready if necessary and the venue is ready.  The host should also greet the people as they enter and ensure that everyone has a good time.

There you go, that should help you on your way to starting your own Tweetup.
No matter where you are on this planet you can start a Tweetup.

So what are you waiting for?

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker - Social Media Consultant
Falcon's Cove Consulting
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Midlands Literary Festival

Welcome To Another Entry Dear Reader.

This week I am looking at the Midlands Literary Festival.

From Friday 26th August 3pm - Sunday 27th August the Midlands will be alive with the sound
of ..... typewriters.  That's right readers, writers and book lovers will be descending on the
Midlands Meander to visit the Writing Festival with a wonderul line up of speakers.
There will also be a fantastic art exhibit.

The event will be hosted at Yellowwood 1 Shafton Road off Karkloof Rd, Howick.
For details contact Sandra Murphy on sandra@yelowwood.co.za

For those of you with Twitter you can also keep in touch with Nikki Tilley
on @MidlandsMeander for details.

The Midlands Meander also has a Facebook page and you can keep updated there.

The line up of speakers looks mouth watering.
Here are some worth going to.
Bruce Fordyce
Dr Ian Player
Sifiso Mzobe
Dan Retief
Judge Chris Nicholson
Mandy Wiener of Killing Kebble fame (Twitter @MandyWiener)
Scott Couper
Shaida Kazie-Ali
and many more I am sure.

I will be at the Festival and will be keeping you all updated via Twitter and look out for a future blog
on my experiences.

It all promises to be a wonderful Literary Event For The Midlands and for KZN.

If you love books, writers and art then this is the event for the weekend.

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
The Digital Media Agency
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 Tips On Social Media Marketing For An Event

Hi Readers

This week was an interesting one in my life and I shall remember it for a very long time to come.
My Company was asked to help the Durban Chamber Of Commerce with Social Media Marketing
For Their Event At The Elangeni Hotel.  It felt a bit like it must have felt for the people who invented the wheel.     There I was sitting with @NazareenE and @immedia tweeting away and sending off status updates for the event featuring Alec Hogg.  Questions were even asked from Cape Town and the event created much interest in the Durban Chamber.  I think the CEO has to be thanked for embracing social media into the Chamber.  A truly wonderful initiative for them.  While I was there I came up with some tips that anybody
or any company can use to market a event using Social Media.  So here are 10 tips
courtesy of Falcon's Cove:

1.  Setup a invite or event on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitvite

A good way to start is to make an event on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitvite and many other social media sites.  The aim is to create awareness for your event or brand launch.

2. Check in using FourSquare

A great tool to use is FourSquare and you can check in at the event to create awareness of where you are, if you are a whole bunch of people encourage all of them to check in at the event.

3.  Use a # hashtag

A good tip is to also use a hashtag to create awareness of the event the one we used was #alechoggDC
you can use one for your brand or event as well so whenever you tweet include that hashtag.

4.  Twitpic or Locerz 

Use some sort of photo uploading site like twitpic or Lockerz to upload pics from the event to make
it a interactive, visual event.  People love seeing what is happening at a event.

5. Tweet valuable insights 

If you are at a talk Tweet some valuable tips that the speaker says and don't forget to credit them or
use the hashtag.   Add your own comment as well.

6.  Meet people at the event

Go around the room and interact with people and introduce yourself and Tweet about who you meet and where they are from.

7.  Connect Linkedin

Connect your Linkedin account to your Twtter account so your tweets can be seen on Linkedin also.

8.  Connect Facebook

Connect your Tweets to Facebook using a mobile tool like UberSocial.   Therefore your Facebook
Fans can also see what is happening.

9.  Use Twitvid and YouTube

You can also use your mobiles camera to take videos and upload to Twitvid and YouTube to create
further awareness.

10.  Write a blog about it 

To create event further awareness you can even write a blog entry about it using Blogger or Posterous or Wordpress and just email your blog entry as you write at the event.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker - Social Media Consultant
Falcon's Cove Consulting - The Digital Media Agency
'Social Media Is Our Biz'
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Good side of Social Media

Greetings Readers this week I have an interesting blog entry on Social Media.

This week has been an interesting one in the World.  In particular England.
We have seen how some people have managed to get together using social media sites
and messaging apps for the intention of causing a riot.

Not a very good use of social media.

However social media is just a implement and you can use it for good or for bad.
On the other side of the coin you have some wonderful Tweeps who have setup a twitter
account called @riotcleanup

This resulted in many people getting together to clean up the mess caused by the riots.

So do yourself a favour and use social media for good.  These people did.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
'Social Media Is Our Business'
Speaker - Social Media Marketing & Training
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Review Coffee at Little Angels

Welcome Dear Reader

I have been asked to review a new book 'Coffee at Little Angels.'

So sit back and enjoy this review and a little info on the Author Nadine Rose Larter.

Coffee at Little Angels has possibly one of the best opening lines I have read in a long time.  Straight away it sets you up for an enjoyable read.  It is written in a fresh style and is such a wonderful book.  It's wonderful to see a new South African Writer on the scene.  Watch out for this one She is going places.

Coffee at Little Angels is set in a placeless setting so that it is suitable for any location in the world.
You are introduced to Phillip, Sarah, Kaitlyn, Caleb, Maxine, Grant, Melanie and Josh who were all school mates.  A tragedy reunites them together and they return to meet each other again.   The author examines how  they deal with death and their own ignored demons.   These friends try to rekindle their friendship and have a reunion of sorts.

Everyone has had a band of school friends so everyone will relate to this book.

Wonderfully written with a surprise around every corner.  The perfect book for any season. I can see many people curled up by the fireside reading it or sitting in a corner of the balcony enjoying a summer day.
You can be sure there will be many people taking this book with them on holiday.  The perfect beach read and the perfect holiday book.

And just what does Little Angels stand for?  Ah to find that out, you will have to read the book.

A very impressive read.

Now let's learn a bit more about the Author shall we.

Nadine Rose Larter was born in a small South African town called Molteno in the heart of the Karoo.
After High School she moved to Port Elizabeth where she stays with her son, fiance and two step children.
She describes herself as a free-spirit, she spends most of her days writing or thinking about writing.

She has always been writing from poems and short stories when she was young to diaries later on in her life.
She chose to self-publish this book simply because she felt like taking control of her own future.
Nadine wrote Coffee at Little Angels after a high school friend of her's died in a car accident.

She wrote the book with no proper nouns or full names or town names so that anybody who picks it up
can identify with it.

Nadine writes regularly on these websites:

Passing the Open Windows

The Katalina Playroom

The Poetry Project

The Writers Club

Details of the book and where you can get it:

Title: Coffee at Little Angels
Author:  Nadine Rose Larter

Official launch date: Late August 2011 for print copy

Ebook copy available on The Katalina Playroom Website: http://katalina.co.za/?p=387

Ebook will also be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and Sony Readerstore

Contact details for Nadine Rose Larter

Twitter:   @nayes1982

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/nayes

Well I hope you enjoyed that book review and a brief insight into Nadine Rose Larter.
Buy her book Coffee at Little Angels why don't you ;)

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
email: falconscove@gmail.com

Speaker - Social Media Consultant - Biz Analyst

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Of The Most Inspiring Videos I have seen

Hello Dear Friends

Today I was at the Hirsch Networking Breakfast and my good friend Warren put up this video which he described as the most motivational video he had seen.  I have to agree.  I'm going to just put it up here
and let you watch it.  Some inspiring stuff.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Speaker - Social Media Consultant - Business Analyst
email: falconscove@gmail.com

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Tips To Get You Started With Google Plus

Welcome Readers

In this article we shall have a look at the new social networking tool Google Plus.

Many of my clients are asking me about it and what is it and how do you use it.

So here are 10 Tips to help you get started with Google Plus.

1.  Keep it simple

When you start using it keep what you post simple.  Start to see what people are posting and start using that
+1 button to like people's status updates or pics or videos.

2. You can adjust your home screen

On your home screen you can adjust the news stream you get so you can either see everyones stream or just your friends or just your family or just your workers.  So you can use it for what you want.  If you just want it to chat to family then adjust, if you want it as a business tool adjust, the choice is yours.

3. Those Circles

Now I get plenty of clients asking me about those Circles, what are they?  Are they crop circles?  What is going on.  Here is a simple definition for you.  With the Circles Google has allowed you to move people you add into various circles.  Those being Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Following.  However here is a nice option you can also add your own circles.  So some you could add if you are a businessperson or salesperson you could add a circle for leads.   You could add a circle for inspirational people, the list is endless.
What kind of circle could you create for yourself?  Think it through and add it.  Play around with it.

4. Status Updates

Google has a somewhat different status update section to Twitter or Facebook.  On the Google one you have a stream, you can update with text, photo's, videos, links, locations and you can also direct those updates or streams to everyone or just to friends or to a select circle.  The choice is yours.   Do you see the opportunity for a project management here, think tank work amongst work colleagues, friends etc etc.

5. That Google Plus Toolbar

For those of you who use Gmail you will find that your name with a + appears on the top left and as you open emails or surf Google sites or within Gmail you can also share status updates.  So maybe you see something in an email or see something in a group or get a brainstorm you can share it immediately and target it at who you want to share it with.

6.  On The Right

On the right at the top you will see notifications in red which signify you have notices or messages and it will have a number the more numbers the more messages.  You will also see a little cogwheel and from there you can send feedback and look at your history.

Google will also show you suggestions of people to add once again it is up to you who you want to add.

Hangouts are little fun things where you can start a hangout with your live webcam think of it as a meeting of your friends or business colleagues online.  No need to meet anymore.  Depends how valuable your time is. Would you rather go out and see people or just start a hangout online.

There is also a mobile version for Google + and you can also invite more people.

7. Sparks

Sparks lets you search for things that might interest you on the net, the idea being you can save them or share them with friends, work colleagues etc.

8. Play around with your Profile

What are you going to use Google +  for?  Think it through and then adjust your profile.   What does your profile pic say about you?  What does your about page say about you?
Here you can show any email or websites you want to share and any other contact info you care to share.

9. Your +1 History

In your profile section you will also see a section that says +1.  Every time you share something with
that +1 button it will reflect here.  It's always great to look at it now and again and see what you are sharing.
Relevant info that you share is always appreciated.

10. A valuable networking tool

Google + is a valuable networking tool for friends, business people and families.  The choice is yours.
As with all social networking tools, it's a tool, it's up to you how you want to use it and what you want to use it for.

Enjoy it.

If you want an invite to Google Plus let me know.

What do you think of Google Plus?  Like it?  Hate it?  Love to hear your comments.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Social Media Consultant - Biz Analyst - Keynote Speaker
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interview with Durban Entrepreneur Fiona Wainwright Publisher of Coffee News Bluff & Surrounds

Greetings Bloggers & Readers

Today we are starting a new section where we will be interviewing famous Business Personalities 
from all over.  Look out for some more in the next few months.

For our first one we will be interviewing Fiona Wainwright.
She is a Entrepreneur and Publisher of the Coffee News Bluff & Surrounds Publication.

We asked her 10 questions, let's see what she has to say.  

1.  Where were you born?

 I was born in Sunnyside, Pretoria and lived there for almost 8yrs before moving to sunny Durban and have been here ever since.

2.  What encouraged you to become an entrepreneur?

I was looking for a business that I would be good at, could work from home, set my own hours and still be able to go out and meet new people.  Networking is a big part of a successful business and working for myself allows me the freedom to do a lot of networking and enable me to grow my business successfully.

3.  Tell us about Coffee News?

Wow...... Coffee News has an amazing concept.  It is a free, weekly paper and is a franchise which started in Canada in 1988.  It very quickly spread to all over the world with it being published in 50 countries and in 7 different languages.  We distribute from restaurants, coffee shops, take aways and waiting areas of businesses.  It is the worlds largest restaurant publication.
It is printed on an A3 creamy yellow paper, is printed double sided in black only.  Coffee News is entertaining, with amazing facts, interesting trivia, comical stories, horoscopes, competitions and a special "What's Happening" column for local events..... something for everyone.
We also advertise solely one business per business category which means that competitors are locked out.
4.  Your advice to other entrepreneurs and salespeople in the world

It takes a lot of hard work to start your own business.  The trick is to persevere and stick with it, market yourself properly and widely.  Do not give up because at the end of the day you will reap the benefits of your hard work and make it all worthwhile.  
5.  What do you do for fun and to relax?

It's quite simple actually.  To relax I love going to the beach and watching the sea.  I like taking time out to go for a weekend away to a beach resort or somewhere close to the sea.  The sea is so mesmerizing and washes all ones troubles away.
For fun, I love to dance.  It helps to motivate the body and mind to carry on and it's good exercise to.

6. What happens in the day in the life of a publisher of Coffee News 

Each day is different but in a week, I go from putting an edition together, to meeting with prospective advertisers, to networking and compiling adverts, which plays a huge role in a successful Coffee News, as they have to be structured correctly for each business.  Delivering Coffee News to all the distribution outlets is a big part of the week too.  It is great to catch up with all the restaurant and coffee shop owners.  It is very important to have a good relationship with them.  You never know when they will through some business your way.  
7.  Are you a member of any networking groups?  If so which one's?

Yes, I belong to two different networking groups.  On a Tuesday I meet up with the members of our BNI Chapter (Business Networking International) for a breakfast networking meeting.  BNI is an international networking business which helps people grow their businesses through referrals.
I belong to another networking group which is called BBA ( Bluff Business Alliance).  There we also network and pass referrals.  We are also aimed at improving the Bluff, making our status known and helping out the charities on the Bluff.  At the same time we help each other grow their businesses.  With both groups, it is like having breakfast with your friends at the same time as giving each other business or referrals.

8. What makes a good advert?

A good advert is one that stands out and attracts the readers attention.  We do that by using eye catching graphics, a good catch phrase, a solution to their needs and if possible we offer a discount too.
9.  Do you also design adverts and business cards and if so what does that entail?

Yes, I design the adverts myself.  This is where my creative side comes into effect.  I just love being creative and in today's age of technology, it seems this is the way to do it.  It is the same for the business cards that I design as well.  It just gets the creative juices flowing.  The business cards are a side line that I provide which includes designing the business cards and having them printed all at one cost.  Of course, I put together a few drafts of both adverts and the business cards for the client to choose from and once I get the go ahead then I can proceed to complete the job.  It is all very exciting and rewarding.

10.  A little birdie told me you also do photography tell us about your love for photography, what pictures do you take?

Hahaha...... I wonder who told you that? Yes, I love photography.  It is absolutely exhilarating to see what you can capture in a single photo.  I have loved photography since my school days but never followed dream as the equipment at that time was too expensive and you needed your own to take courses in photography.  I have since been able to set myself up with a very good SLR digital camera.
My favorite topics to photograph are wildlife and still photographs.  I love the concepts you can come up with and the amazing colours one can achieve too.  I also enjoy photographing people as there are so many different expressions one can pick up and also so many different angles one can capture too.

Well that was a very interesting interview Readers.  What an inspiring lady.

Well if you need any advertising or business cards you sure know who to call.

Coffee News is also on Facebook so why not visit their Fan Page and Like It 
Just click on the link here -   Coffee News Bluff & Surrounds

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting 
Keynote Speaker - IT Consultant - Biz Analyst
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 Things To Do At A Networking Event

Good evening Bloggers and Readers from a chilly Umhlanga.  At the start of this month
I thought I would give you some networking tips.  I hope you will use them well.

1.  Know what you want to do before you get there

That may sound quite odd but basically what I am saying is before you go to the event you want to
have 3 or 4 people that you want to meet at that meeting.  People that might be able to benefit from your
business.  So at the meeting make sure you meet those 3 or 4 people you wanted to meet.  Don't be the person who just goes to the meeting for the coffee and donuts.

2.  Have your business cards at the ready

I have said it before and I will say it again.  Make sure you have your business cards before you head out.
Get yourself a nice business card holder so when people ask for your card it looks neat and professional.
Always ask for the other persons business card and right down some notes on their business cards.  Right down who they are, where they live, notes you have learnt about them.   How they can help you.

3.  Make sure you go to the right meetings

Over time you will discover which meetings are working for you and which meetings are not.  No point going to a meeting where you are getting no leads.  Avoid meetings that you do not enjoy.   Your aim is to find a networking meeting or group where you have fun and where you enjoy the people who are there.  Also look for one's where they have good speakers.    The best networking meetings are one's where you get referrals.  Make sure you return the favour with those in the network.

4.  Start going to conferences

Now some people are intimidated by conferences.   Some people feel there are too many people there.  However you will be amazed at the people you meet there.   So choose one that you feel might interest you and head off to it.  Start speaking to people, say hello, ask them why they are there.
You will be amazed how this pays off.

5.  Thank the host

One of the mistakes you sometimes make is after the meeting to just speed off to your next business meeting.
Wait.  Are you not forgetting something?  That's right.  The host.   Make sure when the meeting starts you greet them and when the meeting ends you thank them for the meeting.  Send them an email afterwards as well and start to build a relationship with them.

Hope those networking tips help you out when you head off to your next networking meeting.

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Keynote Speaker - IT Consultant - Biz Analyst

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Exporting Tips

Greetings Bloggers and Readers

This week I was invited to 2 seminars on exporting your product from SA to other countries.
The tips I received were so wonderful and these tips really apply to any country.
Here they are:

Take a look at Africa
All of us want to export to the big countries around the world but if you want to export somewhere why not take a look at Africa.  There are so many wonderful countries up north that are dying for your products.
So take a closer look at Africa they might just need your product.

Invest in Travel
If you want to become a exporter you need to travel.  You need to go see other countries and see exactly what products they need.  You will learn a lot.  You might also find products at a cheaper price in one country, you can bring it back to your country and export it to another country or even sell it in your country for a handsome profit.

Learn the cultural traditions of the country you want to export to.
Make sure you learn the cultures of the countries you are interested in exporting to.  You might just lose a contract because you give them the wrong handshake or take them a gift they consider a insult.

As a businesspeson when you export think about long term growth
As a businessperson try not to do just one export for a quick buck.  Look at settling in for the long term then you will make some good money.

Use your Embassies
A valuable tool out there is your Embassies.  Send the ambassadors your business profiles and what you do and what you sell.   They will in turn go to people who are interested in those services and promote you.
A really valuable tool for you.  When you get to a country they will also be able to point you in the right direction if you need the right business contacts there.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Keynote speaker - IT Consultant - Biz Analyst
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Independent Review of The Firefox Browser Version 5

Hello Bloggers and Readers

This week I am taking a look at the new Firefox Browser Version 5 which has just been released.
Let's see what it can do shall we.

What's on offer?

  • Firefox starts up as usual with some useful features added into the toolbar.
  • First off it uses tabbed browsing whereby you can open as many tabs as you want I know of some people who open 10 to 20 tabs at a time for quick reference.
  • If you are security conscious you can add the AVG secure search which first checks a site and reports the status of the site in your search.  Nifty little trick.
  • If you use gmail or other email you can integrate it into the toolbar so you can see immediately if you have new mail.  
  • You can also integrate your facebook into the toolbar.
  • Another little nifty feature is the weather right down to where you stay in the world.
  • You will also find a most visited section in the toolbar.  Firefox keeps track of the latest websites you have visited for quick reference.
  • When you type in a web address no need to type in the http://www.cnn.com you can just type in cnn.com and Firefox takes you there.  Be interesting to see what happens when all these new domain names start arriving.
  • If you are new to Firefox a nifty button to try is Getting Started.   This takes you to Firefox and they basically give you a step by step tutorial on how to use the webbrowser and show you some wonderful add ons like Google Docs, Remember the Milk, LinkedIn and many more
  • Some new addons I am seeing are Qype, Hype Machine, CoolIris and Topix
  • If you are not sure of a websites name type the search or name into the awesome bar at the top and Firefox will auto-complete based on searches and show you possible matches for them.
  • The awesome bar learns as you use it.
  • The home button is now on the right hand side.
  • It also features all the bells and whistles such as password manager, form complete, pop-up blocker, easy search, many search engine options, location aware options.  
  • Session restore will also open up Firefox where you left off if firefox closes unexpectedly for some reason.  
  • You can save favourite websites as bookmarks and when you have too many move them to useful folders
  • It also has a download manager which will keep downloading the file if there is a pause or problem so you never have to keep downloading.
  • Other features are search and find, tags, rss feeder, offline browsing for some email
  • It also features private browsing so no details are left if you want to go searching for certain subjects if you know what I mean nudge, nudge, wink, wink ;) say no more, say no more ....

So as you can see many features.

Now I am a bit of a Twitter fan so lets see what Firefox can do for you if you love Twitter.
Here are some tools you can add to Firefox which will blow your mind:

  • Echofon -  echofon.com  -  this is a wonderful program for Twitter which is integrated into the Firefox tool bar, it gives you a one panel view of what is happening in Twitter, gives you regular updates no matter if you have it off and you can even see images at a glance, posting to Twitter is easy and it really is a wonderful product.
  • The f1 button  -  rated as one of the best inventions this integrates a f1 icon into your awesome bar.  So if you are signed into twitter you can type a status update on twitter right in your awesome bar and hit enter or f1 you can find it here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/f1-by-mozilla-labs/
  • Hootsuite and hootlet - you can share pages on twitter via a hootlet button which is also integrated into the awesome bar.  Find it here - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/hootsuite/ 
  • You can star websites and they also become bookmarks a nifty trick.
  • WiseStamp is also a nift device you can integrate into your Firefox which lets you sign emails with nifty signatures -  wisestamp.com
Other nifty stuff with Firefox
  • Super Speed, Crash Protection and something new 3D on the Web for developers to have fun with
  • Anti-Malware
  • Automatic Updates - One of the things I love about Firefox is that it automatically updates and when you start it again you are using the latest version simple as that.
  • You can also play around with the appearance of it with add-ons, personas, the sky is the limit for you
  • You can also watch open HD-quality video
  • Firefox has also introduced some of the latest tools for developers to play around with.
  • Also take a look at the Web Console tool.
Quite a nifty browser one of the best if I may say so myself and how does it stand up to running alongside other browsers?  Well I am writing this blog online as I have two browsers open, Firefox and Chrome and it's working quite brilliantly.

Why not try and download it yourself.

                 Download Firefox

Would love to hear your comments on the new Firefox browser.  What do you think of it?

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Speaker - Social Media Consultant - Biz Analyst
email: falconscove@gmail.com

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7 Tips On How To Dress For Business

Good Evening Readers.

This week I am looking at what to wear for business.

Tomorrow morning when you get up and dress for work take a look at yourself in the mirror.
How do you look?  Do you look ready to take on that billion dollar deal?
Are people going to take you seriously dressed as you are?
Here are 7 tips for men to to make sure you are dressed your best.

1.  Get a good pair of shoes.
Make sure you have a good pair of comfortable shoes.  It always helps if you shine them every morning so they are spotless as you step out.

2.  A smart pair of pants helps.
It always helps to have a neat pair of pants that fit you well.

3.  A good belt makes a difference.
A good belt can really set you apart from others.   Take a look for one that you can use for smart or casual wear.  It will help you stand out.

4.  A shirt and tie.
Now in this day and age with a more relaxed sense sometimes you do not have to wear a tie.  A smart shirt is fine silk or cotton perfect.  A good tie that matches makes you stands out.

5.  A jacket complements you.
Make sure you have some jackets for each day of the week.  Choose a variety of colours from black to dark blue to dark brown.   A good name will ensure your jacket lasts for you.  Always remember it must have inside pockets for all your gadgets, keys, wallet etc.

6.  Extras.
In winter time or even summer time you also have to make sure you have a nice scarf that makes you stand out.  Learn the various ways you can tie a scarf.  Also do not forget a smart set of sunglasses.  The design should match the shape of your face.  Always select a good aftershave as well.  Something you like.  A good wallet can also make you stand out.

7. A good haircut regularly.
Make sure you get a good haircut.  A good haircut can help improve your confidence tremendously so go out there and find a good barber.   Someone who can really cut your hair well and keep you informed on what is going on in the area.

If you take those 7 tips into account and always check yourself in the mirror before you head out you can only do one thing.   Succeed!

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Motivational Speaker - Biz Analyst - IT Consultant
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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Power Of Social Networking #TBD

Greetings readers.

In this entry we are looking at the power of social networking.
Over the weekend I attended Twitter Blanket Drive.  A wonderful initiative from @MelanieMinnaar a lady who decided to start something a year back by getting each person on Twitter in South Africa to donate a blanket for charity.  Well at present Twitter Blanket Drive has far exceeded it's expectations.

With big names like DJ Fresh attending the one event and many more like @jodenecoza this event can just get bigger and bigger each year.

It snowballed as one after another added themselves to each event around the country and bit by bit more and more people heard about it all thanks to the power of social networking.  This person told that person and this person put up a invite and then it spread to Facebook and LinkedIn and the rest as they say is history.

I attended the event at Luna Rossa

It was wonderful to see so many blankets when I arrived and also to meet the team from
#TBD Durban.

A big thank you to the team from Durban @NevinSP @MadamMichelle @lizlaughalot @gordsreid
and @waewest @askashe and many more they did a fantastic job.

The biggest thank you goes to @MelanieMinnaar who came up with one idea that lead to this
huge event for charity all because of one tweet.

Amazing hey!

Feel free to comment about your experience at #TBD

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Twitter Blanket Drive

Greetings bloggers.

This week we are doing something a bit different.

Coming up soon is Twitter Blanket Drive.
A wonderful initiative started by @MelanieMinnaar last year.  She thought it would be wonderful if each person from Twitter came to a tweetup and brought with them one blanket which they could donate to charity.
It was started last year and this year it is nearly time for the next one.

There will be Twitter Blanket Drive events all over South Africa on the 4th of June.
If you would like to find out where your nearest one is head on over to the website
and check out twitterblanketdrive.co.za

Click on the venue option to find the nearest place near you.  It promises to be loads of fun.
So for those of you on Twitter start using the #TBD hashtag to promote the event.

You can even add the TBD icon to your avatar.

When you get to the event take some pics and upload them to Twitter with the hashtag #TBD.
Check in using FourSquare and tell all your friends on other social networking events about it.

In the Durban area there will be quite a few events so take your choice from:

@LunaRossa_DBN which is in Gateway shopping centre.  From 11h00 to 16h00.
Your host is @waewest

@Livingstons_DBN which is in the Glenore Centre, Glenashley, just before La Lucia
Your host is @askashe  Meet at 18h00

Even down the South Coast there will be one at @bistroramsgate in Ramsgate.
Your host is @SouthCoastLive
Meet at 18h00.

If you cannot make it to these events you are welcome to drop off your blankets
at your nearest Williams Hunt Dealership around the country.
See the website for the nearest one to you.

I'm taking part in Twitter Blanket Drive.

Are you?

Please pass this blog onto as many people as you know to help spread the news.
It's cold out and the poorest of the poor will really appreciate a blanket.

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Keynote Speaker - IT Consultant - Biz Analyst
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 Tips For Your 30 Second Pitch

Greetings bloggers and readers.

Welcome to another entry.

Today I am focussing on something vital for every business owner.  Your 30 second pitch.

Wait I hear you shouting in the back there.  What's a 30 second pitch?
Here is the quick info.  Your 30 second pitch is basically a quick CV about who you are, the name of your company and what you do.   It's based on a elevator pitch and that is basically if you are in a elevator and a billionaire walks in you have about 30 seconds between the time they step in to the time they leave.
So what do you say to them?

Here are 5 tips to help get you started.  The rest is up to you.  Keep on working on it till it is pitch perfect and fresh and leaves people with a smile on their face.

1.  Be confident
Nothing looks worse than somebody timid and bashful who gets up and immediately looks down and fumbles for words.   Be confident, stand with confidence and look people in the eye.  Speak with a smile.  Tell people who you are, give your name clearly, tell people the name of your company and what service you do.

2. Be clear about what you do
Make sure you tell people exactly what you do.  Are you kind of like a kind of speaker who kind of talks on this and that or are you a keynote speaker who talks on various interesting topics from motivation to business tips to how to network.  Notice the difference?

3. Make sure the name of your company clearly represents what you do.
You will have to work out exactly what service you do and make sure your company name clearly states what you do so when people hear it they know what you do.  No sense having a company called
ABC Business if you do Business plans.  However ABC Business Plans tells me you do business plans.

4. Have a clever catch phrase
Work on a quirky catch phrase for your business and try work it in at the end of your 30 second pitch.
You just have to look at the big corporates to look at catchphrases that work.  Work on yours and maybe even throw in some humour.  If someone smiles they will remember you and your company.

5.  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
Keep working on that pitch, even while driving in the car, it will give you something to do.  Record it.
How does it sound?  Improve on it so that it sounds impressive.

Now let's put this all together.
The idea is to have everything come together.

So an ideal 30 second pitch would be something like this.

Hi There, My Name is Fred Felton, I am from the company ABC Speakers.   I am a keynote speaker and do talks on interesting topics such as motivation, social networking and business tips.   That's Fred Felton from ABC Speakers.   Your speaker of choice.

Now that is just a sample but I'm sure you could improve on that.

Your homework is to work on your 30 second pitch for your business.   You can use them in networking meetings or if you happen to be in a elevator and the richest man in the world steps in.  

Fly high, Fly free.

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Keynote Speaker & IT Consultant & Biz Analyst
email: falconscove@gmail.com