Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Out There

Good day bloggers and readers.

Welcome to another entry.

It's out there is it not?

That chance, that opportunity.   As we walk through life we always wonder how to become successful.
Many others have come before us and succeeded.  They have found some sort of niche or opening and carved billion dollar empires.

Why can't you do it?   Why can't you walk around your neighborhood or city and find a gap.
Find a niche worth filling.   What one thing do people need in your area?
What kind of business would you like running?

Which businesses in your area are always full of people   What makes them successful?
Why do they succeed where others fail?

Draw up a list of possible businesses you could run.
Narrow them down to 3 and choose one you like the best.

Write up a business plan and speak to some friends and mentors about it.
Do some market research and when you are ready start it up.

Make your billions.

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Motivational Speaker - Business Analyst - IT Consultant
email: falconscove@gmail.com

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