Saturday, June 15, 2013

When Crowdsourcing collides with Writers

Greetings Dear Readers

This week I had the pleasure of presenting a talk on Social Media and The Writer to
members of the South African Writers' Circle.

After that I was asked to Facilitate a Writing Workshop with them.

I introduced them to crowdsourcing and suggested they break up into groups and come up
with some very short stories otherwise known as #flashfiction

This is what happens when Crowdourcing collides with Writers.

'Trapped on this hilltop, so many of them, are they armed? What do we do?

by 2thepoint

'It's a direct hit.....
Closing time.'

by Dr M (Squared)

'Camilla....but you're dead!......are those fangs in your mouth?'


'Dracula and Mary Shelley lived happily for ever and ever and ever.'

by The Bela Lugosia Appreciation Society

'Cold feet.  Sombre Trees.  Sniffer dogs behind me'


'Boobs bounced, I looked, missed the bus.'

by Visionaries

'Sighing ecstatically she stroked the cooling corpse a prelude to the tasty morsel ahead...crunch!'

by A Murder of Crows.

Quite amazing results there.
The Writers that took part in this socia media experiment were all from
The South African Writers' Circle.
You can find out more about them and their meetings here:

Yours in Social

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Social Media Strategist & Blogger & Keynote Speaker
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