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The Holiday Blog: A voyage on the sea

Greetings readers and bloggers.

Welcome to another entry.   Today I give you a travel blog fresh from the sea.
Last week I was away for a holiday on the MSC Sinfonia.   Wow what a cruise ship.
You can see her from far away as you approach the harbour.    We arrived early and waited in a long queue
to board and went through the various sections till we boarded the ship.

It takes you days to find your bearings on her she is so huge.  It's about 1km from one side of the ship
to the other.   You wait on the deck and watch the harbour master get hoisted up onto a helicopter after he guides the ship out of the harbour.   After that it's pretty quick and you are out of Durban and headed off to
Mozambique.   It's quite amazing how the landscape changes as you go up the North Coast.

The most important thing for people is do you get signal for your cellphone.  It comes and goes and eventually goes until you come back to SA waters and Durban.

Each day you are fed huge amounts of meals from breakfast to lunch to tea time to supper time.  Huge amounts of foods so delicious to eat.  A moment on your lips a lifetime on your hips.

You then have to get your sea legs and it's amazing to watch sober people walk like drunk people.  Quite funny to look at and laugh at until you find yourself doing it.

The cruise ship puts on many shows and interesting lectures.  There is so much to do on the ship you never find yourself bored.   From dancing to shows to comedy shows to fun and games.

When you reach Maputo it is quite an amazing experience.  A smaller version of Durban I would guess slowly rebuilding from war and poverty.   The best place to buy cashew nuts at ridiculous prices.

Next is a small island, The Portuguese Island.  You arrive on it on a zodiac boat and it's almost like you have landed on the island in Survivor.  A wonderful place with so much to do from beach walks to boat rides to nearby islands.  The highlight was a beach barbeque.  

After that the boat stays there for a day and then slowly heads back to Durban and during that time they have the party of the week, midnight feast, gala show and so much more.  

If I were you I would explore the boat and all it's many wonderful places.  

The staff are very professional and it is almost with a sad heart that you leave the ship.

Fun times and loads of memories.

A useful link if you feel the need to book a trip

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