Friday, June 15, 2012

How Crowdsourcing Works

Greetings Dear Readers

Awhile back I sent out a Tweet asking Tweeps to send me Tweets and I compiled them into
a story.  I even got some lines from Facebook Fans.  Each line of the story is from somebody else.

What I did then was edit them into a story and from that The Twitter Story was born.
This is the basis of Crowdsourcing.

Find some people with common interests.  In this case writing.  Get them together.
Brainstorm and come up with idea's and structure them in a way that appeals
to people.

This is what Crowdsourcing is all about.  You will find it in the design of clothing,
in the making of music videos and in many more applications.

So if you have a idea for something why not Crowdsource it.
You will be amazed with the outcome.

Without further ado we present

The Twitter Story by The Tweeps (Edited by @fredfelton)

How does it work?
Any particular topic?
What about?
When do you need it by?
Okay willl see if anything interesting comes to mind.
Here's my tweet :)
Hayden family have a sheep.  One day sheep is stolen by Prince Alex.
Creativity in the toilet at the moment.
Sometimes I really want to use that axe.
Oh dear which one? Should probably learn to tweet less rubbish.
Let's try this again shall we.
Hope I can come up with something better.
I remembered cold, dark mornings on earth but they were nothing like the bitter chill of space ...
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Love to hear what you think of The Twitter Story send me your comments.

What would you use Crowdsourcing for?

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