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10 Questions with Jodene from Project Me

Welcome Bloggers and Fans.

Today we are going to do something a bit different.

For the first time ever we are having a guest blog.

Jodene of Project Me has asked me 10 questions and I have asked her 10 questions.
To see what I asked her click on the link below in her short bio. If you would like to
do something similar to network give me a shout.

Here are the questions Jodene asked me.

1. When did you realise your ability to inspire others through your words?

Inspiration or motivation is a wonderful thing.  I remember I was a shy guy when I was a young student and it took my mentor to motivate me to read motivational books by people like Norman Vincent Peale and Napoleon Hill.   After  I read these I started to come up with motivational idea’s in my head.
It took time for me to process it all and when blogs came out I started to write and I started to write motivational books and people commented how inspired the words made them.  I thought to myself then hey you are onto something here and I never stopped.   It’s wonderful to bring somebody up to their potential, to build them up to what they could be.

2. What is the one thing you would dream of achieving along your career path?

I have always loved to act so in an ideal world, someday I will be acting in Los Angeles making movies with some of the best actors in the world.

3. If someone dares you to do something, what is your response and why?

If the dare is possible and I want to do it then I would probably do it.  If it leads to  something better I’m all for it.  However if it is something stupid I have no interest.  Time is very valuable to me.

4. Where do you go when it's time for you and only you?

I go to a lovely coffee shop on the North Coast right on the beach.  It’s a lovely drive and the view from the coffee shop is breathtaking.  Watching the deep blue sea and those waves crash is awesome. I take along a notebook and a pen and write some idea’s down.  When I come back I am inspired with idea’s.

5. What pushes you forward when fear takes over?

Fear can always pop up it’s head.   One of my best friends took his own life because he chose to take another road.  We all have that choice.  If you focus on your goals and your ideal life and keep going you can live a wonderful life.  Wonderful things can happen to you.  You can discover new friends, superb idea’s, different countries if you travel.  You just have to keep pushing yourself day by day and suddenly there is no fear only wonder.

6. If you had one coloured crayon, what would it be and what would you draw?

Obviously the colour blue and I would draw the winning numbers for the lotto :)

7. Would you rather go to a rock concert or the theatre?

Well I have just seen pics of the U2 rock concert and it looked awesome however I am trained as an actor and have performed in theatre shows.  So for me there is nothing like a evening of live theatre.  Anything can happen, it is truly one of the most brilliant pieces of art out there.  

8. What is the most difficult challenge you face as a writer?

Getting words down.  As Stephen King says you have to read a lot and write a lot.  A friend of mine writes every morning for a number of hours.  I find it hard.   So I keep a pen and notebook near even when I go to sleep because just as I am going to sleep a great idea hits me.  So I find it hard to put words down but I keep pushing myself and eventually out they come.

9. Hot apple pie with ice cream or cream?

Definitely Ice Cream.  Simply delicious.

10.        What blogs do you tend to follow and why?

I follow a wide variety of blogs.  From award winning blogs to friends blogs to blogs that make you think.  I follow these blogs because they give me idea’s and open my mind up to new viewpoints.  It’s amazing what is out there.   Idea’s lead to bigger Idea’s.  
Here are 7 that I am currently following.

3. The Big Breakfast Blog - via

Here is Jodene's Bio:

Jodene is a born and bred Jo’burg, 30 something girl with the passion for watching people flourish and for eating ice cream. She is a passionate advocate for taking responsibility for your own life, your happiness and most importantly your choices. Her daily blog, “Project Me” began in 2010, but by demand from her readers Jodene has already committed to keeping the blog going indefinitely. This fun, truthful and conscious blog deals with her daily issues as common as weight loss, being single, dating, making a career out of being passionate, and  living in a beautiful country that is, amongst many things, is technically challenged.
Jodene is also the co owner of a company called Lifeology that encourages courage, consciousness and a sense of humour as the ingredients for life. She is a motivational speaker and writer who deals with all aspects of people development. 
Find Jodene on Twitter:
Blog address:

Well hope you enjoyed that bit of networking readers.

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
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