Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Ways To Use A Social Media Hashtag Effectively

Greetings Dear Readers

At Falconscove we are busy helping PSASA with the social media strategy for their National Convention.
They are using the social media hashtag #vocalislekker.   Along the way it dawned on me one must make
sure you use the hashtag correctly along all channels.

Here are 5 tips to ensure you use your social media hashtag effectively.

1.  Select one hashtag across all channels

So many times companies decide on a hashtag and then along the way other people decide to use
a alternative one or something similar.  So if you decide on a hashtag eg #durban that hashtag
must be used in all tweets you send out, all facebook updates you send, all pictures you upload, blogs
you write etc.  It does not help if some people use #durban and some people use #dbn
Remain consistent.

2.  Use the hashtag in everything you share online

It's important to make sure everyone uses that hashtag especially at a conference.  So make sure
the same hashtag is used in all emails, tweets, facebook updates, pictures, videos etc.
Inform people beforehand what the hashtag will be.

3.  Trending topics

If you get it right then that hashtag will start to trend in the trending topics section of Twitter.
As long as everyone for example at a conference uses that hashtag and keeps sharing
info about the event.

4.  Make sure everyone knows

It's important especially at conferences for the MC to be told what the hashtag is and to let them
tell everyone what the hashtag is and that they must use it if they tweet about the conference or
take pictures or blog about it.  This helps that hashtag start to trend.

5.  Make it sound cool

Sit down with your staff and work on that hashtag.  It must have a nice ring to it.
People must want to share it with their tweets.  Make sure everyone knows it and passes it on
to others.  Keep track of the social channels as sometimes Tweeps will ask what the hashtag is.
Perfect time to remind them.  Have fun sharing that hashtag.

Yours in Social

Fred Felton
Social Media Strategist & Keynote Speaker
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