Sunday, July 16, 2017

What the future of design will look like

This week I am looking at the future of design and trends we need to consider now.

In particular I will be looking at the design of homes and offices.

If one looks at society today one could easily forecast that the homes of tomorrow will be designed with a focus on smart homes and even a home that conserves energies.  This is especially important in South Africa.
Another focus to look at is how social media could be integrated into a home.  Each family member could easily have their own social media feeds scrolling along their wall.  One could easily see what is trending when you wake up by just looking at smart walls or even windows that double as screens.
For the Kitchen a smart wall could show shopping lists and what the fridge could show what items are running low.
The lounge and TVarea could be transformed into places where walls are transformed  into huge TV displays along with Trending discussions about the movie or TV series you are currently watching.
Smart messages could display on walls to remind you to save electricity in the home.

A business office is normally a place where many things are happening all at once.  Added to that you have many people working in this environment and it is very easy to imagine offices where your emails or company social media posts are displayed on smart desks or smart walls. 
The office could also be wired to make sure the company is saving on energy.  Business tasks and goals could also be displayed on smart walls along with project tasks and trending topics that relate to the company.
Windows could also be transformed into smart devices and tables could easily change into charging stations for mobile devices, tablets and laptops.
It is easy to see that the future of design looks amazing and using the trends of today one could easily transform the future of tomorrow into a wonderful place to live and work.

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This edition by Fred Felton | Social Media Specialist | Twitter @fredfelton 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

5 Tips To Keep Your Email Account Secure

The internet is a wonderful place and at the same time it is a dangerous place.  There are hundreds of hackers out there just waiting to get access to your email and even worse your email password.
With that they can have free rein and even access your social media accounts and send out fake emails and fake social media posts from your accounts.

Here are 5 tips to keep your email account secure:

Keep a watch for strange emails

Be on the look out for strange emails that may look like they come from your email host company or even from social media companies.  Check from which email address they actually came from.  Most companies will not email you to type in your password or email address.
Protect your password
Don’t give out your password to anyone and don’t type it into emails if someone asks you to.  Make sure your password also has a mix of letters, numbers and characters and is over 8 characters long. 
Change your password regularly as well
It’s very easy to get into a lull and enjoy your passwords, you remember them so well but in terms of security it is a very dangerous thing and it’s always best to keep changing it regularly. 
Have different email accounts for different groups
It’s always a good idea to keep your email accounts separate for the different needs in your life.  For example I have email accounts for the following:
·         Friends and Family
·         Business
·         Newsletters
That way you can very easily see if a strange email pops up in your account.
Report Spam and Phising
Most email accounts now have an option whereby you can report strange emails or suspected spam or phising.  In the long run this will help email companies find out who is real and who is trying to get your important information out of you.

Fred Felton | Social Media Specialist & Keynote Speaker | Twitter @fredfelton