Thursday, April 4, 2013

10 Funny Memes To Make You Smile

Heard about the Meme?

That funny picture that has sarcastic text added to it.  Well it has taken the internet
by storm and you can normally find it on social media sites.  Some of them can
even go viral if enough people share them.

Here are 10 to make you smile:

The Brace Yourself Meme

The Unimpressed Astronaut Meme

The Condescending Wonka Meme

The Gordon Ramsay Meme 

The Grumpy Cat 

The Inception Meme

The Joker Meme

The Matrix Meme

The Office Meme

The I Dare You Meme

You can find a great deal more here and even make your own

A very funny tool indeed.  Imagine if you used a meme in your brand campaign.
Something for you to think about right?

What is your favourite meme?

Yours in Social

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