Friday, November 25, 2011

5 Marketing Tips For Your Business

Greetings readers

Welcome to this entry which is all about marketing today.
Here are 5 tips to help your business get known.

1.  Use Social Media

You are in the greatest time at the moment.   The time of Social Media.  There are so many
avenues for you to put your name out there.   So get out there and setup a Twitter Page for
your company and start telling people what you do.  Tell people about your specials.
Post pictures of where you are located.   Do a course to learn how to use social media for
your business.  Respond to clients on Twitter and build brand awareness.

Start a Facebook Fan Page for your business and build up a fan base of clients for your company.
Post useful links and updates and help others out.   People will soon find out who you are
and flock to you.

Start exploring Google +  and start a Google + Page for your business as well and add people to
your circles and network on their.

Have a Linkedin Page and network with other business minded individuals and companies.

Write a blog and tell people what you do everyday.  

2.  Network like crazy

If you are starting out well then nobody knows about you and you have to get out there
and find some people who might want your business.  How do you do this?  Well you start
going to networking meetings.  Most cities worldwide have networking meetings regularly.
They range from business networking events to art shows to openings of new shops.
There are many places one can go to network.  So set out to do at least 3 networking
meetings a week if you can and collect those business cards make those connections
and stay in touch.  Follow up with emails and meet for coffees.

3.  Make a YouTube Video

No matter what your product is make a video of what it is you sell.  Whether
it be a product or training course or book, whatever it is make a video and
upload it to YouTube.   Millions of potential customers are on that site.

4.   Brand yourself and your car

If you have a car consider putting your brand and contact details on your car.
Many people sit in rush hour traffic starting at the car in front of them.
Have your business  name on your outfits or on a label so people can see
what you do.

5.  The Business Card

One of the most effective marketing tools is a business card.   Get a professional
to design one for you and make sure it has all your relevant details.  Keep it in
a nice business card holder and give it out to all your prospective clients
and people you meet.  You never know, they might want your service
or someone they know might want it.

Fly high,  Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker & Social Media Consultant &  Biz Analyst
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
'Social Media Is Our Biz'

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 Tips For Entrepreneurs

Greetings dear readers.

Last night I was invited to the Fnb #BizNetwork Event and it was wonderful to hear all
the speakers and to look around and see all the business owners and entrepreneurs.

It got me thinkin about all the entrepreneurs out there.  If you have an idea of
being an entrepreneur here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. Find The Gap
Take yourself off to a coffee shop and sit down with a pen and paper and write
down all those fantastic ideas you keep to yourself stuck in your head.  You know
those ones that are going to make you millions well write them all down.
Look around you in your area and think hard, what gap can you fulfill?
What service can you provide?  What can you provide that nobody else can?
Can you corner a market?  Write down 10 ideas and cut them down to 3
and then choose the one that interests you the most.

    2.   Write a business plan

Once you have your idea get a good business plan in place and work out 
if you can afford to do this.  How much will you charge?  Where will you sell?
Are you going to be in one suburb, one city or the whole country?
How will you get financing, banks, friends, family where?

    3.  Set goals for your business

Put your goals down on paper or on your computer or tablet or cellphone.
What do you want to achieve with this business.  Where do you see it in 1 year,
5 years, 10 years?   Is your aim to sell it for profit or carry on till you pass it on to your
children.  What is your aim, think it through.     Have a checklist for your business.
What are the things you will need? Stationery, business cards, marketing what else?
Write it all down and keep pen and paper nearby in case you forget anything 
and write down all your idea's for your business as well.  

   4.  Prepare for long hours ahead

As a business owner you must be prepared to work long and hard.  You might
have to cancel meetings, lunches, weekend plans etc.  Will you be able
to commit to this?  The more you put in the more you get out remember that.

   5.   Love what you do

When you start this business remember it has to be something you love doing
because you are going to be doing it for a long time.  You have to be 
passionate about your business and if you are your business will get bigger
and bigger.  

Now get out there, start that business and get your first client.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker & Author & Social Media Consultant
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Speaking Tips

Greetings readers.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far.

Last week  I was invited by the wonderful people of SOCAPSA to give a talk
at their conference in Johannesburg on Twitter 101.  The Conference had a wonderful
Social Media theme and I came back with some wonderful idea's and have met some
amazing people.

Along the way listening to all the speakers I came across some amazing tips
for speakers that I thought I would share with my dear readers so here they
are just for you:

1.  Being funny helps

As I watched the various speakers I became aware that if you add a bit of humour it helps
and people love it when bits of your talk are funny.   They laugh and at the same time
they learn about your topic and at the end of it come away with a smile on their face.

2.  Have your contact details on the first slide

Now this I noticed from @staffordmasie a wonderful speaker.  Put your Twitter
username on the first slide of your talk and leave it there for awhile.
A wonderful tool to create awareness of who you are and where people
can find you.

3.  Contact details

At the end of your talk leave up a slide of your contact details and where people
can find you and get hold of you.  Give as much as you can so people have
a variety of options.

4.  The magic of weaving

When I listened to Clem Sunter I noticed he is a past master at this.
Find a way during your talk to weave into your talk all the types of services
you do and where you have recently spoken, what workshops you have just done
and where you are going after this.

5.  Show people what you do

Some of the wonderful speakers also showed people what they do and the
services they provide.  They also showed who their clients are and what they
do for those clients.

It is also polite to thank your hosts when you start and the speakers before you.
Hope that helps you out in your speaking career dear reader.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
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