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5 Apps Worth Looking Into

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Here are 5 Apps that you might have missed.


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This app is a free voice guided satellite navigation.  That's right you read that correctly, a free voice guided satellite navigation.  It features turn by turn guidance and you can even download new voices.  They have just released a new voice from a US comedian Kevin Hart.  The app uses crowd sourced info for everything from locations to roads to traffic conditions and can even monitor how you drive to select optimal routes for you.  I have tried it out and it really is a wonderful app.

You can download it from your App store.
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Google Maps

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Google Maps is another alternative for you if you just need a map on your phone.  Featuring the power of Google and turn by turn options that you can read this is indeed a powerful app for your phone.  Worth a spin.

You can download it from your App store.
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Now this is something new.  Imagine having your own personal driver in your pocket.   Well that is just about what Uber is.  It's an app that lets you book a car to pick you up.  Perfect for late nights or parties.  The app also shows you on a map where your driver is.  You can choose from various cars to suit your budget.  Well worth a look.

You can download the app from your App Store
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Find My Way

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This app is wonderful for those of us who make use of public transport.  In South Africa you just type in which city you are in and it will show you the various public transport options for you from the Gautrain to MyCiti to the People Mover.  The best part is it tells you when the next one is.  It features timetables and is also very easy to use.

Find it on your App Store
Find them on Twitter - @FindMyWayZA -

The Weather Channel

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If you are looking for a new weather app you might want to try this one.  Features include weather on the app at a glance, wind, humidity, uv index, sunrise and sunset, hour by hour forecasts, 10 day forecasts, maps, severe notices.  It has a lovely design and so far I have been impressed.

Download it from your App Store.
Find them on Twitter - @weatherchannel

Do you have any apps you care to recommend?

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