Friday, September 23, 2016

What Gets You Up?

You wake up every morning.  What gets you up?  Are you doing what you love at the moment?  Is that your driving force or do you just get up and do a job every day?
If there was one thing you could do what would it be?

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

Do what you love
What’s the one thing you love? What do you enjoy doing?  Could you do it even if money was not a question?

It will take time
Don’t think you will be an overnight success.  Doing what you love takes time.  It takes time to build a craft or business.

How badly do you want it?
Are you willing to work over weekends and late at night?  Are you willing to cut out a personal life until success is coming your way?  It’s going to take a great deal of dedication and focus to get on the right track and stay there.

Avoid negative comments
People might dissuade you from doing what you love.  Some of those people might be your friends and family.  You need to hold on to that dream and that love for what you want to do. If those negative comments make you stop imagine if you hit a huge roadblock in your career, how will you handle it?

Surround yourself with positive people
At the start it is important to surround yourself with positive people and thoughts.  So make sure you have a close team that support you.  Meet weekly with some friends that can help you along the way.  A brains trust if you will.  Have breakfast together and inspire each other.

These tips will help you on your way to success.

Fred Felton
Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
Twitter: @fredfelton

Saturday, January 2, 2016

What are your social media goals for 2016?

It’s 2016. 

Have you even thought about your social media goals for 2016?

Do you even have a social media calendar for 2016?

Here are 5 tips to get you on track for 2016.

Make sure your social media calendar is in place for 2016
This will help you post content that is already in place and you can structure your posts to your correct target market.  Take note of which posts are your most popular.  Remember that for future posts.

What social media networks should you be on?
Be sure to be on the big networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.  Also take a look at other networks like SnapChat and Periscope.  There’s always new one’s popping up and there are also networks that close down as well.

Who will do your posting for you?
Are you a small business? Is it just you or are you going to appoint someone to do the posting for you.  Do they know the rules? Will they know how to handle daily tasks? This is where training comes in. 

Learn how to handle a social media crisis
Keep a note of what happens on social media and learn from the experts.  We’ve all had one or other social media crisis to deal with.  Learn from them so that you can go into the future calmly.

Keep track of your followers
At the end of the day if you are a brand it is all about growing the brand and growing the brand popularity so keep a handle on how many followers you have, see which are your most popular posts and which are your worst post.  Learn from that as you go further into 2016.

Article by Fred Felton

Twitter @fredfelton 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why your company needs a social media policy

You see people online every day, walking down the street, on public transport and yes even in the office.

Most of these people are checking their Twitter stream or updating Facebook or posting pictures on Instagram.

So just why does your company need a social media policySocial Media has taken the world by storm and just about everyone in your office is probably sending out a tweet as you are reading this article.

What’s in the tweet they sent out?  Do you know? Do you care? Some of them might be taking a picture of their friends in the office and perhaps a few business documents might be in the shot but who cares about that right?  Perhaps those documents have confidential details of a huge business deal between your company and another company.
Perhaps someone from another company sees that picture on Instagram and decides to offer the other company a better deal and just like that you lose $1 billion dollars.
What you see there is a worst case scenario and it has already happened to some companies.  How can your company protect itself?  This is why you need a simple social media policy drawn up. Each staff member should get a copy and read it and sign it when they join your company.

So what should your social media policy contain?  At the very least it should cover the basics like:
·         What can a staff member post on social media while they are at the office
·         What are staff members allowed to post and what are they not allowed to post
·         If a staff member uses the social media account of the company what are they allowed to post
·         What images are staff members allowed to put out there
·         What blog posts are staff members allowed to write
·         What can staff members post and what can’t they post in their profile
·         Remember that a staff member represents your company and the brand so remind them of that before they post on social media
·         Have a disclaimer that protects your company from what people post on your social media pages

For a more detailed social media policy do not hesitate to contact Falconscove to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.

Fred Felton - Falconscove

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where do you want to be?

Have you decided which social channel is for you?  Take a look at the various options and see where you belong.

Is it Twitter with its fast, short bursts of tweets.  Where everyone is part of this community and at any given time someone is fighting with someone else.  On the other side Twitter is also a wonderful community of support amongst peers.

Are you perhaps drawn to Facebook with its status updates and where everyone is drooling over baby pics and pet pictures.  Perhaps you prefer Facebook for keeping up with family.

Is your aim to take wonderful artistic photography.  Then perhaps Instagram is right for you.  Just remember to learn about hashtags.  Each picture can have up to 30 hashtags.  That’s a lot of hashtags.

Are you drawn to making videos?  Then perhaps you should be looking at YouTube where everyone has a channel and then are more channels than on cable television.  So make sure what you put up is worth a viewing.

Whatever channel you decide on make sure it is one you love being on.  No point being on a channel and nothing is on.  Think it through.

Yours in social

Fred Felton
Social Media Specialist and Keynote Speaker 

Twitter @fredfelton 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Your Social Media Goals For 2015

Think about that for a moment.

What are your goals for this year?  Make yourself a strong cup of coffee and sit down and plan out your year on social.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

Have A Brainstorm
What is it you exactly want to do on social media?  Are you wanting to use it to share personal stories?  Are you wanting to become a though leader or social media influencer.  Are you here to build your business.  Think it through.

Choose Your Social Media
It’s all very well to sit on every social media network but you will find that one of them works better for you than any other one.  So choose which one fits your brand better.  Is it Twitter with short and sharp tweets?  Is it Facebook?  Are you more visual and do you prefer Pinterest or Instagram?  Perhaps you prefer making video content, then focus more on YouTube.

Have A Strategy
Once you have decided where you are going have a strategy in place.  Decide exactly what it is you want to do.  Have a plan and stick to that plan. 

Build your Brand
Set mini-goals for yourself and try to slowly build your brand on social media.  Share amazing pictures.  Tell people about wonderful places.  Upload spectacular videos.  Start following interesting people.

Track your progress
At the end of each quarter of the year check your progess.  Are you on track?  Do you need to change anything?  Do you like what you see on your timeline?
If you follow these simple tips you might just have your best year yet in 2015.

Fred Felton - @fredfelton
Creative Director – Falconscove – Advertising – Social Media Strategy – PR

Friday, August 22, 2014

15 Ways To Take The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a wonderful viral campaign for ALS to help find a cure for motor neuron disease.

It involves having a bucket of ice and water dumped over you and challenging 3 other people to do the same within 24 hours.  If they don't they have to make a donation.

It is sitting on the top of Twitter Trends at the moment and anyone from celebrities to politicians to everyday people have taken it.

Here are 15 ways to take the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Funny Way - Will Arnett 

The Mission Impossible Way - Tom Cruise

The Cute Way - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

The Film Director Way - James Cameron 

The Kermit The Frog Way 

The Presidential Way - George W. Bush 

The Facebook Way - Mark Zuckerberg 

The Microsoft Way - Bill Gates

The Eveyone Gets An IceBucketChallenge Way - Oprah Winfrey

The Star Wars Way - J.J. Abrams 

The Writers Way - Stephen King 

The Amazon Way - Jeff Bezos 

The Classy Way - Sir Patrick Stewart 

The Ambush Way - Seth Rollins

The I Just Broke The Internet Way - Benedict Cumberbatch

To find out more about ALS and how you can donate visit their website

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

50 Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

Greetings Dear Readers

This week I was asked to appear on LotusFM and chat on the Alan Khan show all about Apps.  I was asked to bring a list of 10 Apps.  I found plenty more.  This is the result and you can find some wonderful apps in this list.  Just a warning, some of them can be very addictive and some have resulted in families having huge arguments because people are too busy playing with their apps.  Enjoy!

Apps list (There are 50 Apps here plus a few extra just for good measure!)



To Do Lists



Social Networking 
  • Ubersocial for Twitter and Facebook 
  • Flipboard - magazine style view of your social feeds
  • Vine – small videos
  • Jelly – crowd sourcing answers to questions,





  • Ted - interesting talks you can watch
  • YouTube
  • iMovie – you can edit your movies

  • Kindle  - your own private library 

  • Find my iPhone - enable it and then install this app on another ios device to find it, lock it or erase it or play sounds

  • Endomondo - great for workouts, plotting your cycling or training. With thanks to @gordsreid 



Cloud Storage 

Weird Apps

Futuristic Apps 

  • Wikitude - augmented reality app uses phone camera so you can see interesting data around u.        
GoogleGlass Apps

Good site to learn how to build apps

Do you have a favourite app?  Let me know which is your favourite app and why?

Communications Strategist & Keynote Speaker
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