Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5 Inspiring Videos For You

Welcome Dear Readers

Here are 5 Inspiring Videos For You To Enjoy.

Carly Rose Sinclair - X Factor USA 2013 

Sam Berns - Tedx MidAtlantic

Brent Lindeque - A South African #neknomination - It's not what you think

Tom Thumb - Tedx Sydney

Elon Musk 

Hope you enjoy their inspiration.

Yours in social

Fred Felton
Social Media Strategist & Keynote Speaker & Trainer
Author of #101TipsForTwitter
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Monday, February 3, 2014

The New Twitter

Greetings Dear Readers.

Some of you might have noticed that Twitter has updated Twitter for The Web.
It now features lighter colours and a complete redesign of the top part of Twitter.

You can now see your Twitter Profile Pic and Your Header Pic.
It also features a new look Twitter Bird House at the top.

The New Look

The New Blue Dot

You might also notice a new blue dot on the top.

What is it for?
Is it a sequel to the blue streak from the past?

Nope it's just showing you that you have new tweets to read.

Interesting new look.

What do you think of the new design?

Yours in social

Fred Felton
Professional Speaker & Social Media Strategist
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Monday, January 6, 2014

What Are Your Social Media Goals For 2014?

Greetings Dear Readers.

Now there is something to think about right?

Well what are they?  Are you looking for world domination?  Are you looking for a new career path?
Looking to hit 10 000 views on your blog?

You do have goals right?

Well here are 5 Tips to get you on that path:


Sit down with a good cup of coffee and  work out your year ahead.  What do you want to achieve on social media?  Are you even on social media?  Look at the most popular networks out there.  Which one is suitable for your brand.

Select a network

Once you have decided on a network open an account and get started.
Here are some that might interest you:

How often are you going to be there?

Work out how often you want to be on the network.  Everyone knows that social media can be a huge time waste so choose your time wisely.  How often are you going to post?  Daily?  Weekly?  Monthly? You get what you put in, remember that.

What are you there for?

Decide what your purpose is on that network.  Is it to make friends, to get business, to build a following, to postion yourself as a thought leader? These are the things that you must decide about.

Stick to your plan 

Once you have chosen your plan, follow it with a passion.  If you find you are going nowhere with your plan change it and use another plan until you find a plan that works for you.  Remember to join a network that you feel comfortable with.  

Wish you all the best for 2014 on Social Media

Fred Felton
Creative Director & Keynote Speaker
Media Enquiries & Interviews:  email 

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Apps Worth Looking Into

Greetings Dear Readers

Here are 5 Apps that you might have missed.


(Image - Twitter)

This app is a free voice guided satellite navigation.  That's right you read that correctly, a free voice guided satellite navigation.  It features turn by turn guidance and you can even download new voices.  They have just released a new voice from a US comedian Kevin Hart.  The app uses crowd sourced info for everything from locations to roads to traffic conditions and can even monitor how you drive to select optimal routes for you.  I have tried it out and it really is a wonderful app.

You can download it from your App store.
Find them on Twitter @waze -

Google Maps

(Image - Twitter)

Google Maps is another alternative for you if you just need a map on your phone.  Featuring the power of Google and turn by turn options that you can read this is indeed a powerful app for your phone.  Worth a spin.

You can download it from your App store.
Find them on Twitter - @googlemaps -


(Image - Twitter) 

Now this is something new.  Imagine having your own personal driver in your pocket.   Well that is just about what Uber is.  It's an app that lets you book a car to pick you up.  Perfect for late nights or parties.  The app also shows you on a map where your driver is.  You can choose from various cars to suit your budget.  Well worth a look.

You can download the app from your App Store
Find them on Twitter - @Uber -

Find My Way

(Image - Twitter)

This app is wonderful for those of us who make use of public transport.  In South Africa you just type in which city you are in and it will show you the various public transport options for you from the Gautrain to MyCiti to the People Mover.  The best part is it tells you when the next one is.  It features timetables and is also very easy to use.

Find it on your App Store
Find them on Twitter - @FindMyWayZA -

The Weather Channel

(Image courtesty wikipedia)

If you are looking for a new weather app you might want to try this one.  Features include weather on the app at a glance, wind, humidity, uv index, sunrise and sunset, hour by hour forecasts, 10 day forecasts, maps, severe notices.  It has a lovely design and so far I have been impressed.

Download it from your App Store.
Find them on Twitter - @weatherchannel

Do you have any apps you care to recommend?

Yours in social

Fred Felton
Digital & Social Media Strategist & Keynote Speaker
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Inspiring Tedx Talks by South Africans

Greetings Dear Readers

Here are 5 Inspiring Tedx Talks I came across by South Africans:

DJ Black Coffee

Lara Foot

Toby Shapshak - A real blast from the past this one

Sarah Britten

Shannon Hope

Well after all of that inspiration all that is left is for me to wish you an inspiring week ahead.

Yours in social

Fred Felton
Digital & Social Media Strategist & Analyst & Keynote Speaker
A Digital Media Agency
email -
twitter - @fredfelton

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crowd Sourcing Blog Post Titles

Last week I gave the South African Writers Circle a talk and workshop on Blogging.

I worked with them on Titles for Blog posts.

As you know Titles are important.  They broke up into groups and worked on some interesting titles.
This is what they came up with.  Below are the titles and then what that title is about:


We know that 67% of you gave 67 minutes of time... what did all you other crazies do to celebrate
Mandela Day?

(by the 33 Percenters)


Launch of the new political party - it's time to stand up and be heard!

(by the Turbulent Trio)

'THINK' Do you have the frog factor?

Are you a jump ahead

What do you know about HIV?
Do you know your HIV status?
Are you well informed and updated on latest HIV news?


Barking up the wrong tree

about a treehugger up tree

Is she a Knitwit?

about Julia Gillard

Is Charlene Backstroking?

Still born but Kicking

About Kate's Baby

(by the 'Hawkeyes)

Kate To Have The First Royal Twins

hospital leaks that Kate is to have Twin boys - which one will be the future king?

Nelson Mandela's Will Is Released, Family in Shock

family feuds lead to Mandela leaving his fortune to his Charities.

(by Flying Birds)

Info on the South African Writers Circle -

there you have it Dear Reader.  Certainly another interesting
crowd sourcing experiment.  Some really interesting headlines there.

Tweet me which one you liked best

Post by +Fred Felton

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

5 Tips on How To use the new Gmail Inbox

So I've been getting these questions a lot.
'What has happened to Gmail?'
'I can't find my mail on gmail?'

Okay calm down Gmail has revamped their email and I must say it looks pretty cool.
They have seen that people are getting besieged by emails.
I mean it's like a war out there right?
Hands up if you get 1000 emails a day?
Some company exec's can experience that day to day.

Here are 5 tips all about the new Gmail Features and what you can do with them.

1.  Use the new categories

Gmail has now given you 3 categories which it automatically adds your email into to.
These being Primary (where your main emails go)  Social (where updates from twitter, facebook etc go) and Promotions (where proposals, newsletters, ads etc go).
You also have the option of adding Updates (like receipts or bills and statements) and you can
add Forums (messages from online groups, discussions, mailing lists etc)
The beauty of this new system is you can also move emails to other categories if you feel they are in the wrong one.

2.  Take notice of the colours

If you are not sure if you received emails always check the categories and if you see them highlighted
with colours like '2 new'  in blue or green or yellow then you know something has arrived.  Like that proposal to shoot a new Harlem Shake Video.

3.  Increased storage

Now this I like.  Google now gives you 15GB Free storage across gmails, google drive and google+ photos for all those cat and baby pics you like to take.  I mean one can never have enough of them right.

4.  You can always go back

Now if you feel you have seen too much and you are suffering withdrawal symptoms you can always go back to the original type format and disable tabs.  This will put all the messages in one list again.

5.   New Themes

Gmail now also features new themes from 35 to too many to count.  You can also add
your own photos.  Like that artistic photo you took with the 500 filters.
I suggest you play around with them and see which one you like.
The benefit is that you can have a new photo each day.  

(Images courtesy of Gmail) 

Yours in Social

by +Fred Felton - Social Media Strategist & Trainer & Keynote Speaker
A Digital Media Agency
Social Media - Communications - PR 

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