Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Exporting Tips

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This week I was invited to 2 seminars on exporting your product from SA to other countries.
The tips I received were so wonderful and these tips really apply to any country.
Here they are:

Take a look at Africa
All of us want to export to the big countries around the world but if you want to export somewhere why not take a look at Africa.  There are so many wonderful countries up north that are dying for your products.
So take a closer look at Africa they might just need your product.

Invest in Travel
If you want to become a exporter you need to travel.  You need to go see other countries and see exactly what products they need.  You will learn a lot.  You might also find products at a cheaper price in one country, you can bring it back to your country and export it to another country or even sell it in your country for a handsome profit.

Learn the cultural traditions of the country you want to export to.
Make sure you learn the cultures of the countries you are interested in exporting to.  You might just lose a contract because you give them the wrong handshake or take them a gift they consider a insult.

As a businesspeson when you export think about long term growth
As a businessperson try not to do just one export for a quick buck.  Look at settling in for the long term then you will make some good money.

Use your Embassies
A valuable tool out there is your Embassies.  Send the ambassadors your business profiles and what you do and what you sell.   They will in turn go to people who are interested in those services and promote you.
A really valuable tool for you.  When you get to a country they will also be able to point you in the right direction if you need the right business contacts there.

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