Monday, June 6, 2011

The Power Of Social Networking #TBD

Greetings readers.

In this entry we are looking at the power of social networking.
Over the weekend I attended Twitter Blanket Drive.  A wonderful initiative from @MelanieMinnaar a lady who decided to start something a year back by getting each person on Twitter in South Africa to donate a blanket for charity.  Well at present Twitter Blanket Drive has far exceeded it's expectations.

With big names like DJ Fresh attending the one event and many more like @jodenecoza this event can just get bigger and bigger each year.

It snowballed as one after another added themselves to each event around the country and bit by bit more and more people heard about it all thanks to the power of social networking.  This person told that person and this person put up a invite and then it spread to Facebook and LinkedIn and the rest as they say is history.

I attended the event at Luna Rossa

It was wonderful to see so many blankets when I arrived and also to meet the team from
#TBD Durban.

A big thank you to the team from Durban @NevinSP @MadamMichelle @lizlaughalot @gordsreid
and @waewest @askashe and many more they did a fantastic job.

The biggest thank you goes to @MelanieMinnaar who came up with one idea that lead to this
huge event for charity all because of one tweet.

Amazing hey!

Feel free to comment about your experience at #TBD

Fly high, Fly Free

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  1. Hey Fred,
    I had a super time at the @Livingstone_DBN event in the evening. Seeing 94 blankets being bundled into a bakkie was very heart warming. Met loads of great Durban folk. Well done to all the organisors and to @MelanieMinnaar for starting this worthy initiative.