Friday, November 25, 2011

5 Marketing Tips For Your Business

Greetings readers

Welcome to this entry which is all about marketing today.
Here are 5 tips to help your business get known.

1.  Use Social Media

You are in the greatest time at the moment.   The time of Social Media.  There are so many
avenues for you to put your name out there.   So get out there and setup a Twitter Page for
your company and start telling people what you do.  Tell people about your specials.
Post pictures of where you are located.   Do a course to learn how to use social media for
your business.  Respond to clients on Twitter and build brand awareness.

Start a Facebook Fan Page for your business and build up a fan base of clients for your company.
Post useful links and updates and help others out.   People will soon find out who you are
and flock to you.

Start exploring Google +  and start a Google + Page for your business as well and add people to
your circles and network on their.

Have a Linkedin Page and network with other business minded individuals and companies.

Write a blog and tell people what you do everyday.  

2.  Network like crazy

If you are starting out well then nobody knows about you and you have to get out there
and find some people who might want your business.  How do you do this?  Well you start
going to networking meetings.  Most cities worldwide have networking meetings regularly.
They range from business networking events to art shows to openings of new shops.
There are many places one can go to network.  So set out to do at least 3 networking
meetings a week if you can and collect those business cards make those connections
and stay in touch.  Follow up with emails and meet for coffees.

3.  Make a YouTube Video

No matter what your product is make a video of what it is you sell.  Whether
it be a product or training course or book, whatever it is make a video and
upload it to YouTube.   Millions of potential customers are on that site.

4.   Brand yourself and your car

If you have a car consider putting your brand and contact details on your car.
Many people sit in rush hour traffic starting at the car in front of them.
Have your business  name on your outfits or on a label so people can see
what you do.

5.  The Business Card

One of the most effective marketing tools is a business card.   Get a professional
to design one for you and make sure it has all your relevant details.  Keep it in
a nice business card holder and give it out to all your prospective clients
and people you meet.  You never know, they might want your service
or someone they know might want it.

Fly high,  Fly free

Fred Felton
Speaker & Social Media Consultant &  Biz Analyst
Falcon's Cove
A Digital Media Agency
'Social Media Is Our Biz'

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