Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Twitter Tools Worth A Look

Good day my friends.

This time we are looking at Twitter and some nifty tools that I use to help my Twitter experience
become even better.  These are 5 that I absolutely love.

1. Tweetdeck

The tried and trusted tool for social media managers.  It opens up multiple windows for you and
you can manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts and post to many
social media sites all at the same time.
Also allows for scheduled tweets and tracking of who said what to you.
Highly recommended.

2. Hootsuite

Another great tool for social media management.  Similar in ways to Tweetdeck however
also provides more detailed analysis as long as you use the Hootsuite sharing service
Stats are delivered into your email inbox weekly.  Neat hey.
Loads more has been added to this wonderful software package.

3.  Ubersocial

The mobile app that keeps you updated about Twitter when you are on the go.
You can also post to Facebook as well, see what is happening with your inner circle and
see what is happening in the near vicinity of you.  Very nifty indeed.

4.  Crowdbooster

A great social media manager especially for twitter.  Can show you which are your best tweets, can even suggest the best times for you to send Tweets, shows you who your best followers are.
We can go on and on but my blog is not long enough.  A fantastic tool and also sends
statistics to your email.  Very valuable tool.

5.  Justunfollow

A tool I have started to use more and more.  Due to the amount of bots and spam you get on Twitter this is a wonderful tool.  It helps you sort out the bots and junk.  It also helps you find out who your non-followers
are, yes we know who you are!  Non-followers are those people who don't follow you when you follow
them.  It also helps you find out who the Inactive Followers are.  From 1 month to 6 months or even more.
A fantastic tool to help weed out the weeds.

Well dear friends hope you can use some of those Tools the next time you head off to Twitter.

What are some of your favourite Twitter tools?

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