Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 Tips On How To Run A Bank

Greetings bloggers and readers.  Welcome to another entry in my blog.
Today I am giving some advice to banks.   These are big companies and sometimes they need some help.
By the way this advice works for any company that is in the business of having queues.

Today I visited two banks back to back and noticed some interesting things.  It was the beginning of the month and after a long holiday there was a huge backlog.

Here are some tips to improve your services:

1.  Open more tellers.
The floor manager should be keeping an eye on the what is happening in the main section of the bank.  If they notice that the queue is going over 5 or 10 people new tellers should open.  Simple as that.

2.  Staff should not close when there are long queues.
Nothing irks a customer more when they have been waiting in a long queue to see one till just close.  Keep working to clear the backlog.  Simple.

3.  Have a staff member at the front to assist clients.
It helps when you have a staff member at the front of the queue who greets you with a smile and directs you to the nearest teller.

4.  Consider having different branches for different clients.
Banks should also consider having a separate branch for business clients and  a separate branch for private clients or separate sections for these two types of clients.

5.  Always remember that the customer is always right.
If a customer has to wait for long periods of time and pay huge amounts of bank charges they will very quickly close their accounts and move to banks that look after them.

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  1. Motivational Speaker & Biz Analyst & IT Consultant? whaat sort of consultation for IT do you do Fred?

  2. Hi Craig my company provides advice to companies with computer systems that might need advice on the design of their websites or newsletters. We also provide websites and social media pages for brands and companies and help companies with twitter pages and facebook pages and show them how to market their business online.
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