Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Tips To Market Your Brand or Company

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Today I am discussing marketing your brand or company.  Ok so you have started that company or launched that brand.  What now?  How are you going to get that name out there?  Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1.  Have a business card.
The first step is to print some business cards.  You should probably have the basics on it such as the logo of your company or brand.  The company name.  Your name and position in the company.  Your contact details.  Address, mobile number, twitter username, website, email address.  You could also add something that I saw @PlumberDurban from twitter do.  He has added his BBM pin onto his biz card.  Something new to try maybe.   Hand out those business cards at the networking meetings you go to.

2.  Have a online presence
This can include such things as a twitter page, a facebook page, a profile on linkedin.  Join the groups on linkedin and ask questions on them and respond to questions.

3.  Setup a website
You can even setup a basic website with just the major details of you business and contact details.  Perhaps add Google Places to it as well.

4.  Write a blog
You need to be active in the blogosphere and try to write a blog at least twice a week on useful topics.
Start interacting with other bloggers and building a presence in the cyberworld.

5.  Newsletters and Ads
You can even look at sending out weekly or montly email newsletters and taking out adverts in community newspapers.  Start advertising where your target market will be looking.

Well hope those tips help you out with your business.   Wish you all continued success.

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