Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 Tips For Your 30 Second Pitch

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Today I am focussing on something vital for every business owner.  Your 30 second pitch.

Wait I hear you shouting in the back there.  What's a 30 second pitch?
Here is the quick info.  Your 30 second pitch is basically a quick CV about who you are, the name of your company and what you do.   It's based on a elevator pitch and that is basically if you are in a elevator and a billionaire walks in you have about 30 seconds between the time they step in to the time they leave.
So what do you say to them?

Here are 5 tips to help get you started.  The rest is up to you.  Keep on working on it till it is pitch perfect and fresh and leaves people with a smile on their face.

1.  Be confident
Nothing looks worse than somebody timid and bashful who gets up and immediately looks down and fumbles for words.   Be confident, stand with confidence and look people in the eye.  Speak with a smile.  Tell people who you are, give your name clearly, tell people the name of your company and what service you do.

2. Be clear about what you do
Make sure you tell people exactly what you do.  Are you kind of like a kind of speaker who kind of talks on this and that or are you a keynote speaker who talks on various interesting topics from motivation to business tips to how to network.  Notice the difference?

3. Make sure the name of your company clearly represents what you do.
You will have to work out exactly what service you do and make sure your company name clearly states what you do so when people hear it they know what you do.  No sense having a company called
ABC Business if you do Business plans.  However ABC Business Plans tells me you do business plans.

4. Have a clever catch phrase
Work on a quirky catch phrase for your business and try work it in at the end of your 30 second pitch.
You just have to look at the big corporates to look at catchphrases that work.  Work on yours and maybe even throw in some humour.  If someone smiles they will remember you and your company.

5.  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
Keep working on that pitch, even while driving in the car, it will give you something to do.  Record it.
How does it sound?  Improve on it so that it sounds impressive.

Now let's put this all together.
The idea is to have everything come together.

So an ideal 30 second pitch would be something like this.

Hi There, My Name is Fred Felton, I am from the company ABC Speakers.   I am a keynote speaker and do talks on interesting topics such as motivation, social networking and business tips.   That's Fred Felton from ABC Speakers.   Your speaker of choice.

Now that is just a sample but I'm sure you could improve on that.

Your homework is to work on your 30 second pitch for your business.   You can use them in networking meetings or if you happen to be in a elevator and the richest man in the world steps in.  

Fly high, Fly free.

Fred Felton
Falcon's Cove Consulting
Keynote Speaker & IT Consultant & Biz Analyst
email: falconscove@gmail.com

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