Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Tips On How To Run A Coffee Shop

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Today I am focusing on some tips on how to run a coffee shop.   This weekend I was up the
North Coast and was having breakfast at a fairly popular coffee shop.   It was pretty busy and I couldn't help noticing the management and how they looked after their customers.

Here are the tips I noticed.

1.  Always be watching your staff.
Keep an eye on your staff and see that they are constantly serving customers and helping customers out.
Make sure they are kept busy clearing tables and getting bills for customers.

2.  Always be watching your customers.
Make sure they are always enjoying their experience.  Check that they get their meals.  If necessary lend a hand and clear tables if your staff are busy.   Clean the tables if need be.

3.  Have a chat with your customers.
It always pays to go up to each table and chat to your customers.  Ask if everything is satisfactory.  Find out if they are on holiday.   Make sure they enjoy their experience at your coffee shop.

4.  Make sure the customer leaves happy.
If you feel that the customer has waited too long for their meal give them something free on the house such as a free slice of cake.   Make sure they leave with a smile.

5.  Check the bills.
Make sure each table gets the right bill.  Always ensure the correct amounts are billed.
Ensure your staff are kept motivated and happy.

The most important thing is that your customer leaves happy.  If they leave happy they will be telling their friends and you will be getting more and more customers.

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