Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why you should use Twitter.

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Today I am looking at Twitter that wonderful social networking tool and why you should use it.
Twitter has exploded onto the internet and gains momentum like a snowball as it rolls along getting bigger
and bigger.  Part messaging system, part news source, part anything.  It manages to adapt and change
as life needs it.

If you are active on twitter and constantly view your timeline you can learn some amazing things.
A photographer based in the Cape might be looking for somebody to take over a job for him
that he cannot do.   If you are a photographer and you see this tweet you can contact him
and within seconds get a new client.   How cool is that!

There are millions of business opportunities out there waiting for you in Twitterland.
Lets look at the basics first.  When you sign up you start with a username.
Now think it through before you type in your username.
You don't want a username that is difficult or full of numbers.
Either choose your name or the name of your brand or company.
Select a good picture of you as well.

In your profile write what you do and what you like doing.
Have a link to your website and your business address.
Select some people or companies to follow and look for some of your friends on twitter as well.
Look for contacts that are relevant to your business as well and add them.

In Twitter you have 140 characters to say something.
This is why Twitter has been described as a micro-blog.
It is also a mini-website for you.
So once you are live you have a mini-website for you or your company.

Make sure your tweets are interesting, informative and sometimes even funny.
Learn how to use hashtags.   Remember your tweets represent you or your brand.

Enjoy it and have fun with it.   The more people you add to your timeline the more
fun it becomes.

There's the link so jump right in


Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
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