Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Websites Worth Checking Out

Good day bloggers and readers.

Today I thought I would introduce you to 10 Websites that are worth checking out.
I have included links to them so you can click on the link from my blog.

Okay, let's get started.

1.  Crowdbooster

A wonderful site if you use social networking sites like Twitter.  It gives you fantastic stats on your
tweets and tells you when it is best to send them out.  It even sends you emails on what is working and what is not with your tweets.  Fantastic.

2.  Mediafire

A superb site for file hosting or uploading files onto the internet.   Wonderful if you can't send huge files as email attachements.  You just upload to this site and send the link in a email.  You can also share the link with social network sites.   Also a wonderful site if you want to back up important documents.  They are saved forever in your account on the site.  No more backing up every day or week or month.

3.  Garfield

Need a laugh.  It's always good to read Garfield's comic strip.  Loads of fun stuff on here and even
e-cards to send to friends and family.   a great site.

4.  Polldaddy

A good site if you need a poll or need to take a survey.  The wonderful part about it is it integrates
with your wordpress site if you are running a blog.  

5.  Fiverr

An interesting site.  People offering work and offering to do work for $5.   Lots of different work as well.
Integrates with Facebook as well.

6.  Twittervision

A wondeful site.  Someday this might replace television.  If you have nothing to do take a look at this site.  It shows you all the tweets from around the world and integrates the world map first.  Fantastic site.  It's amazing what different people from around the world tweet about and tweetpic about.

7.  Author Central From Amazon

A excellent site brought to you by Amazon.  This site is perfect for author's who have books for sale on amazon.  It helps with sales, stats and keeping in touch with fans.  A wonderful site to promote your work and upload your bio and useful info for readers.  You can also tell your fans where next you will be for book launces, events, readings etc.   A great service from Amazon.  Every writer should integrate this into their site.

8.  A word a day

A good site for you to increase your vocabulary.  Sign up for the email and you get a new word everyday and it also shows you where the word originated and interesting facts on it.  Marvellous.

9.  Poets Pages

An interesting site if you like publishing your own poetry and networking with some other poets from around the world.   Sign up and upload your poems.

10.  Tumblr

I think this site might be the next big thing.  Part blog, part messaging site, part writing site, part photo site.
A very simple site and so easy to use.  Lots of people use it as a blog, some for messages, some to show their artworks.  So what are you waiting for.  Jump right in.

Well that's 10 websites that should keep you busy.  Hope you enjoy them.

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Motivational Speaker & IT Consultant & Biz Analyst

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