Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Writing Tips

So you want to do some writing or write that book.  Here are 10 tips designed to get you writing.

1.  Start it.
So you wanted to write that book about that idea you had in your head.  Well sit down and write it.
It's going to stay in your head till you sit down and write it.   No sense thinking and ruminating and asking others for their opinions.  Write it.

2.  Read a lot, Write a lot -  Stephen King.
Yes the master of writing gave this advice.  You have to read a great deal of books and write a lot.
Sit down and write everyday as much as you can.

3.  Set up a schedule.
Every morning try this schedule.   Wake up and do some sort of exercise like going to gym or jogging.  Have your breakfast and then write from 9am - 4pm.   With a break in between for lunch.   Keep writing till you have completed that book or poem or short story.

4.  Enter competitions.
This is a wonderful way to get noticed and get a publishing deal.  Keep your eyes open for short story competitions or competitions for novels.   These are wonderful because they have  deadlines and they force you to write towards a deadline.  

5.  Get opinions.
Once you have finished your first draft show it to your family and friends and a editor.  Get as much opinion as you can and if necessary do some changes to make it better.

6.  Get it out there.
When you have finished it send it off to as many publishers as you can.   Sometimes you might have to send it off to 100 publishers just to get your foot in the door.  Keep at it.  Persistence pays off.

7.  The self-publishing option.
You might also consider publishing it yourself and finding a printer to print it for you.   Arrange with a bookshop to have your launch there.   Advertise it in the papers, invite the press and your friends and people who might be interested in the book.   Do the same sort of launch around the country and even internationally.

8.  E-books
Another option is to publish it as an e-book.   Sites like amazon.com let you convert your book easily to be read on the kindle device.    Sites like tinypay.me are wonderful in that you can set up your own little bookshop and sell your books online 24/7.

9.  Use social networking to market it.
In this day and age of twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace and other social networking sites you can use these to market your books and network with publishers, writers and your fans.   Market your book daily on these sites, offer writing tips and keep marketing your books.

10.  Persistence pays off.
Keep at it.   You can only write what you know.  So write about your experiences in life.   Everyone has a wonderful story in them.   Observe people, you learn a lot.    Read the great writers and keep writing.

Wishing you all the best.    

Hope to see your book on the bestseller list soon :)

Fly high, Fly Free

Fred Felton
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