Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Independent Review Of The Website

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Today I am doing a review of the SA site safindit

Well, what is it?
Today I had a chat with Shaun Trennery (find him @shauntrennery on twitter) from safindit and he told me all about the site.    He describes it as the place of places.

It's a wonderful site and it shows you local info discovered.

No matter what you are looking for you can search for it on the site, from businesses, places to stay, shops to go to,   good eating places you name it it's on there.  They are constantly adding new sites.

The difference with this site is they give you the story behind each listing.   They also interview interesting
people and find out the places they like frequenting.

The site also incorporates news, entertainment and various other stories circulating the web and the world.

They have also integrated twitter, facebook and foursquare into the site which makes for something.
You can also see who has visited these places and what they think of it.

When you click on a search item you get a detailed view of the place or product from contact details to google maps to email addresses, telephone and so much more.

They have just introduced Bribes into the equation as well.  I'm not going there you will have to visit the site to find out what that is about.

Definitely a site worth visiting and keeping an eye on.

I think it will be growing rapidly into a huge website.

So keep an eye on  safindit

Rating  5 Stars (Excellent)  * * * * *

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