Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Don't You Just Do It?

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Yesterday I went to the viewing of a wonderful art house movie 'The Lane' directed by a very good friend of mine, Rick Andrew. Before the viewing he was telling us about the movie and how he shot it. He told us about a friend of his who spoke to on numerous occasions. He asked him for advice and how to shoot, what to use. Eventually his friend said to him. Just shoot it.

So many of us do the same thing when we want to do something.
Whether it's wanting to write a book or lose weight, change careers, ask for a raise, go on holiday somewhere wild, start a new business etc etc etc.

Why don't you just do it?

Really, what is stopping you? You have nothing to lose. Focus on what will happen when you do it, all the positive things.

So tonight or this weekend sit down and write down 10 goals and focus on achieving them this year if you can. Set a deadline for each of them. Add the positive outcome to each goal. Visualize it, see it happening in detail. Look at those goals daily. Add it to your notes in your cellphone.

Wishing you all a wonderful productive week :)

Fly high, Fly free!

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