Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Time

Yup it's Xmas time, the malls are packed and you want to bash every person out of the way so you can get your Xmas shopping done. If you are lucky you have finished your shopping, if you still have to do it good luck. I recommend you take along a baseball bat.

Had some interesting experiences over the weekend.

Went to the Galleria Mall and first went to Absa Bank to deposit some money. Over 100 people were in the line to deposit money. Nobody complained, they had simply agreed that service sucks and just bear with it. There was no manager to be seen, the manager did not open extra tills. The bank was also awfully designed. There should have been extra tellers but hey, we all have just got used to poor service.

Next up was Nando's in the Galleria. Once again a long line. Best of all, no cashier at the till, actually nobody was at the till, it was a ghost town. Just a long line of curious would be customers. Once again just standing around and taking it.

As a company manager you need to be in the melting pot, watching what is happening and adjusting your business as and when. Making it better and better.

The highlight was leaving the mall. Had to be the first time I had to queue to get out of my parking space. Lol.

Work on making your business better and people will flock to it.

Make your business an awful experience and customers will go elsewhere.

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Fred Felton
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