Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where do you want to be?

Have you decided which social channel is for you?  Take a look at the various options and see where you belong.

Is it Twitter with its fast, short bursts of tweets.  Where everyone is part of this community and at any given time someone is fighting with someone else.  On the other side Twitter is also a wonderful community of support amongst peers.

Are you perhaps drawn to Facebook with its status updates and where everyone is drooling over baby pics and pet pictures.  Perhaps you prefer Facebook for keeping up with family.

Is your aim to take wonderful artistic photography.  Then perhaps Instagram is right for you.  Just remember to learn about hashtags.  Each picture can have up to 30 hashtags.  That’s a lot of hashtags.

Are you drawn to making videos?  Then perhaps you should be looking at YouTube where everyone has a channel and then are more channels than on cable television.  So make sure what you put up is worth a viewing.

Whatever channel you decide on make sure it is one you love being on.  No point being on a channel and nothing is on.  Think it through.

Yours in social

Fred Felton
Social Media Specialist and Keynote Speaker 

Twitter @fredfelton 


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