Thursday, July 18, 2013

5 Tips on How To use the new Gmail Inbox

So I've been getting these questions a lot.
'What has happened to Gmail?'
'I can't find my mail on gmail?'

Okay calm down Gmail has revamped their email and I must say it looks pretty cool.
They have seen that people are getting besieged by emails.
I mean it's like a war out there right?
Hands up if you get 1000 emails a day?
Some company exec's can experience that day to day.

Here are 5 tips all about the new Gmail Features and what you can do with them.

1.  Use the new categories

Gmail has now given you 3 categories which it automatically adds your email into to.
These being Primary (where your main emails go)  Social (where updates from twitter, facebook etc go) and Promotions (where proposals, newsletters, ads etc go).
You also have the option of adding Updates (like receipts or bills and statements) and you can
add Forums (messages from online groups, discussions, mailing lists etc)
The beauty of this new system is you can also move emails to other categories if you feel they are in the wrong one.

2.  Take notice of the colours

If you are not sure if you received emails always check the categories and if you see them highlighted
with colours like '2 new'  in blue or green or yellow then you know something has arrived.  Like that proposal to shoot a new Harlem Shake Video.

3.  Increased storage

Now this I like.  Google now gives you 15GB Free storage across gmails, google drive and google+ photos for all those cat and baby pics you like to take.  I mean one can never have enough of them right.

4.  You can always go back

Now if you feel you have seen too much and you are suffering withdrawal symptoms you can always go back to the original type format and disable tabs.  This will put all the messages in one list again.

5.   New Themes

Gmail now also features new themes from 35 to too many to count.  You can also add
your own photos.  Like that artistic photo you took with the 500 filters.
I suggest you play around with them and see which one you like.
The benefit is that you can have a new photo each day.  

(Images courtesy of Gmail) 

Yours in Social

by +Fred Felton - Social Media Strategist & Trainer & Keynote Speaker
A Digital Media Agency
Social Media - Communications - PR 

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