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5 BlackBerry Apps Worth Having In 2013

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Today I am looking at some handy apps for your BlackBerry.

There are so many.  Here are 5 that might just interests you:

UberSocial for Twitter and Facebook

I absolutely love this App.  This is my first choice if I want to use Twitter or Facebook.
It allows you to check your Tweets and Facebook Updates from within one App.
You can change the colour and display.  Add multiple accounts.  Send and Receive DMs.
Has a wonderful feature called 'Inner Circle' where you can keep your best friends Tweets.
Picture Timeline which just shows you pictures instead of Tweets.
It has search integration and trending topics built in.  Recommended Users, Lists, Picture
Uploads and more.  Favourites and also Everyone Around Me which shows you what people are
Tweeting around you.

BeWeather Free

Everyone needs the Weather right?  I mean it's so hard to look out the window.  Anyway.
If you need the Weather this is the App for you.  Be very wary of some Weather Apps as I have noticed
money disappearing off my account even though I have BIS installed.  Some Weather Apps actually
charge you for updates etc so be careful what you download.  This App does not.
It is totally free and you can set when you want to update the weather.  Great interface and it can show
you Daily, Hourly and even Weekly updates.

Pencil Camera Lite

This is a great App for your Camera.  What it does is take a sketch of a picture you take.
You then have the option of saving it, sending it via bbm, email or even sharing it via ubersocial.

Pencil_Camera_Tue, Jan 15, 2013 16_13_35.jpg

Here is a picture I took using Pencil Camera.

Evil Hangman

We all need one game on our phone.  This one will test your knowledge in various categories.
From Nature  to Music to Hollywood and many more.  Look out for the evil laugh and if
you can't get the word right.  Ah well.  Prepare yourself.

Battery Saver Free-Battery Doctor

I've saved the best for last.  Now we all know that the BlackBerry has a great battery right!
Right?  That's a whole other discussion for another blog post.

Anyway, Blackberry are aware of the issues and even have their own App for Battery Savings.
However at the moment I am testing this one.  I must say I am pleasantly surprised.  If you don't mind
the odd Ad everytime it pops up, it really is useful.  From graphs, to info to friendly reminders when
you are reaching low levels.  It can even give you an estimate on how much talk time, stand by time
and music time is left.

These Apps were tested on the Blackberry Curve 9320 with 7.1 OS

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What are your favourite Blackberry Apps?
Send me your comments or Tweet me @fredfelton

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