Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Tips On How To Save Space On Your @Blackberry

Greetings Dear Readers

Last week I noticed that my Blackberry was running out of space.  So I had to take
some files, apps etc off to save space.   Amazing what you pick up as you go along
in this world of tech.

Here are 5 Tips to save you some space on your Blackberry:

1.  Take a look at those Apps.

Yes we all love them don't we.  We get all those articles and our friends corner
us and say we just have to download the latest app.  So we download it
not realizing how much space it takes up.  The rule is if you don't use it
dump it.  So get rid of those Apps you don't use.

2.  Get rid of those pictures.

It's wonderful having a camera on your phone isn't it?  I mean snap, snap, snap
and before you know it you have a complete photo collection that will rival
some Universities.  So if you take photo's transfer them to your computer
and then delete them.  No need to keep them.

3.  Get rid of those calendar entries.

Delete all of those calendar entries you have beyond a month.  If you want to you can
even delete them as the event occurs.  No need to keep them.

4.  Delete those emails.

Take a look at those emails, especially the one's with attachments.  No need to store them
beyond 30 days.  They take up space and can clog your much needed memory.

5.  Taking out the battery always works.

You will be amazed how much space you clear if you take your battery out and put it in again.
This is known as a hard reset and works wonders.

So there you go, 5 tips to help you save space on your Blackberry.

Do you have any other space saving tips for your Blackberry?

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  1. Another way to save up space in your Blackberry is to clean up the browser cookies and the cache. Even if they only they take out a small amount of driver space, the amount of new and old cache and cookies saved in your database can affect the performance of your computer in the long run. You can always retrieve the cookies and cache if you ever visit the website again, so no damage would be done if you delete them.

    Samantha Cole

    1. Hi Samantha

      Thank you so much for this great tip. I shall certainly remember it and use it.

      Kind Regards

      Mr Motivator