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5 Tips On How To Use Labels In Your Blog

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Greetings Dear Readers.

Do you Blog?  Well if you do here are 5 tips to help you with Labels or Tags.
A Label or Tag helps identify your blog entry so if someone is looking for a topic
like that your blog will pop up.

Here are some tips to get you started with Labels.

1.  A label is better than no label

It is far better to put a label on your blog than to have no label.  I mean how do you expect people
to find you.  A label helps people find you.

2.  Decide on your labels

Before you write your post decide what labels you want to use.  Are you an Actor or Writer
or Musician?   Perhaps use one of those so people remember that you are that Actor or Writer.

3.  Avoid too many labels

As you go you will find yourself experimenting and adding 2,3,4,5 and even more labels to
your posts.  Be careful with this as eventually people will not be able to identify just
exactly what it is you do.

4.  Add in your Geography

People are curious and always want to know about the people they meet and the bloggers
they read.  So it always helps to put the city and country where you are from.
Then people can identify you and who knows someone in that area might spot you
and need your services.

5.  Check your Article for Labels

Sometimes you will find the labels in your article.  So if you are writing about some topic
or about someone or want someone to see it a good way is to add that topic
or that person's name as a label in your blog.

Have fun with those Labels.

Yours in Social

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Below is a useful article on labels as well.  Enjoy.  

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