Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To Run A Social Media Marketing Campaign Using Just a @BlackBerry

Greetings Dear Readers

Wolfgang Bonisch @charlotte_niche and @fredfelton at the @psasouthafrica National Convention 2012

This has been a crazy month for me helping out PSASA with some social media marketing
for their National Convention.  My company Falconscove helped them out with some social media
strategy and then the social media marketing at the convention.   Most of this was done using
just a @BlackBerry

Here are ways you too can market a event or convention using just a @BlackBerry

1.  Make sure you have UberSocial installed on your Blackberry

This proved to be my number one tool at the Convention.  Wherever I went I used
my UberSocial which gives you the wonderful options of sharing posts to Twitter, Facebook,
Linkedin and your Black Berry Messenger.

2.   Upload As Many Pics as you can

It has been proven that people look more at pictures than at statements so during your event
try and upload lots of pics.   Make sure you add the hashtag associated with the Event.

3.  Do some live blogging

For this I chose the Tumblr App for Blackberry and I must say it is rock solid, it works everytime
and automatically posts to Twitter and Facebook for you.  So during the event or at the end of the day
do some live blogging about the Speakers or the Event.

4.  Tell your Tweeps what is going on at the Event

People are curious and they want to know what is going on at Events.  So if you hear a gem
or a nugget of wisdom spread it with your Tweeps.  They will remember that.

5.  Make sure your battery is fully charged.

I know it sounds like a stupid thing to say but so many people forget to do this.  So just in case
take another battery with or your power cord and charge when necessary.

Yours in Social

Fred Felton
Social Media Strategist & Speaker
A Digital Media Agency


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  2. With the advent of mobile internet and social media, covering corporate events and updating on marketing campaigns through mobile phones is now possible. It has made communication between clients and businesses more timely and efficient, and as far as effectiveness goes, quick communication is certainly right up there.

    Darryl Prinz

  3. Hi Darryl

    Really appreciate your comment. You are so right.
    This is the trend now. You will certainly see more and more of this at events and conferences.

    Kind Regards


  4. You can now really use the social media sites on your iPhone or Android phones and this is more convenient than using other gadgets.

    Social media companies

  5. Hi Takeshi007 thanks for the comment. You are so right about the
    new tech and mobile phones out there. Thanks so much for the update.

  6. The arrival of smartphones and android phones not only opened the doors for better communication between business owners and clients, but it also made it possible for marketing to spread instantaneously. The word “viral” in social media networks best describes how effective an advertising or marketing is, and how it affects internet users in their social media participation.

    Cambria Ludwig

  7. Hi Cambria

    Thank you so much for your comments. Much appreciated.
    Some great comments there.

  8. I agree with Cambria here. Nowadays, almost everyone with access to smartphones use these in their everyday lives. It can be a great avenue for companies to market their business primarily because of its reach and its ability to instantly receive information. It is one of the fastest ways for businesses to communicate with their target market, and it’s one of the most direct too.

    @Staci Burruel

  9. Hi Staci
    Thanks so much for your comment. I think you are so right, these days anyone with a smartphone and market their company in such amazing ways.
    Thanks again

  10. To put it simply, the best way to run your social media marketing is by being at the right place, at the right time. Also, be active! Make sure that you’re always online, updating your status, posts, and being able to establish a connection or relationship with other people. Being socially active is the simplest way to get noticed.

    -Abigayle Soderstrom

    1. Hi Abigayle

      Thanks so much for your comments. Some wonderful ideas there.
      Really appreciate them.

      Thanks so much.


  11. That’s right, Abigayle. But don’t just be active; be interactive. My number one rule in social media marketing is to BE A REAL HUMAN AND COMMUNICATE. Share some valuable information that your followers might like, and listen to what they have to say.

    Glenn Evans

    1. Thanks for the comment Glenn. So true what you say, to be interactive and communicate. Some very valuable social media 101 there from you. Appreciated.

      kind regards


  12. With the awesome technology that we have today, business groups can also build up social media marketing through the use of mobile phones. The Blackberry is currently one of the most popular mobile platform in which many businesses today take advantage of and launch their own marketing campaigns with. Most campaigns they try to develop aims to have better social interactions with their customers.

    Sage Aumick

  13. Hi Sage

    Thanks for your wonderful comments. So true that many companies are taking the marketing campaigns for their products and brands in-house and using blackberry devices. Some great tips for other companies there.

    kind regards