Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Ways To Market Your Event Using Social Media During The Event

Greetings Dear Readers

This week I am giving you 5 ways to market your event using social media during the event.
I am just back from doing a writing workshop with Speaker and Publisher Robin Jackson and
I thought I would share some tips for you on how to use social media to market your event during it.

Sure you have done all the hard work to market it before the event.
During the event is another story.  If you do it right more people will want to come to it next time.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1.  Check in using Foursquare

A great way to create awareness is to use Foursquare to check in to the venue and tell people
why you are there. Include a hashtag as well, we used #IPW.  Make sure your Foursquare
is linked to Twitter and Facebook and even your BBM so you can reach many more people with it.

2.  Use a hashtag and be consistent with it

During the event use the same hashtag.  Do not veer away and use other hashtags.  Decide
beforehand what your hashtag is and stick with it.

3.  Use pictures

People love visual images of events so do not be shy, take some pics of the venue, of the
speakers, of the guests, of what is happening and upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr
and Instagram.

4.  Tell people what is going on

Now your Tweeps will love you for this, so try and Tweet now and again all the great
things you hear at the event and smart advice you hear.  Share it with your Tweeps
and with your friends on Facebook.

5.  Try a live blog

You can even get someone to blog live from the event and create even more awareness.
Use the blog Tumblr and if you are more hands on with a mobile use the app for tumblr
and blog from your mobile.

So there you have it.  5 ways to market your event during it.  Hope you use them in the future
and tell me what you experienced.

Do you have any other tips to market your event using social media?

Fly high, Fly free

Fred Felton
Social Media Engineer & Speaker & Trainer
A Digital Media Agency
'Social Media Is Our Biz'
email: falconscove@gmail.com

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