Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is Pinterest?

Greetings Dear Readers

Today I am talking about the word that is on everyone's tongues, Pinterest.
So many of my social media clients are asking me What is this Pinterest?

Well here are some tips all about Pinterest.

Pinterest is basically a digital scrap book.  You can post wonderful pictures
and put them into various categories.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Look for images that catch your eye

When you start up on Pinterest you will be bombarded with many images.
Look for one's that catch your eye and are in line with your style or image
and move your cursor over the image you have 3 options there
you can repin it on your own board, like it or comment on it.
I recommend you do all three.  Remember to repin it on a board
that fits in with the image so a picture of a fancy house would go well
in My House for example.  A image of good food would go well
in Food I like etc etc.  If you comment try and ask a question you may
get a reply from somebody and build a relationship.

Add it to your Facebook timeline

Pinterest gives you the option to connect Pinterest to your Facebook timeline.
I suggest you do this as you will benefit from cross marketing and if you are
building a brand it will be seen on both networks.

Start following Pinners

People on Pinterest are called Pinners.  Start looking for Pinners that have the same
style you have or have wonderful images or inspiring images and follow their pins
and connect with them.

Build your own boards

Create boards that you like with your own likes and let your imagination do the rest.
Go wild and put up your own pics, pictures or images that inspire you.

Tips for Writers and Photographers

You can even add pictures of your books on Pinterest to market your books.
The same for images from your book launches and images of your characters
the list is endless.  Photographers can put up images they have taken as a way
to create awareness of what they do and the kinds of photo's they take.

Pinterest is always refreshing

Always remember that as you go down on the screen Pinterest is always uploading
new Images so keep going down the screen you will be amazed at what you find.

Tips on Repinning

When you repin a image you also get the option to share it on Twitter.
Once again another wonderful cross marketing option.

Pinterest also has Videos

You also have the option of uploading Videos to Pinterest.  That means you can
show people what you get up to.  If you are in theatre you could show people your
new show or a excerpt from your show.

Pinterest Goodies

Take a look at the Pinterest Goodies link below which lets you integrate Pinterest into
your browser, your phone and your website or blog

What Pinterest Has to Say

A useful link is also what Pinterest has to say about the sight.  Worth a read.

Learn on the go

Finally like everything else in life you learn on the go.  As you use it you will pick up tricks and of course
watch what others do and learn from them.  However always remember use it as you want to
and share those wonderful images and ideas that are in your head with other Pinners.

Happy Pinning!

Do you have any tips worth sharing about Pinterest?

Fly high, Fly free

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