Monday, January 2, 2012

10 iPad Apps Worth Having

Greetings Readers

Welcome to 2012.  A New Year already can you believe it.  I wish you and yours
a very successful 2012.

To start off the New Year I thought I would show you some very interesting apps
that I have discovered with getting a new iPad for Xmas.
What an amazing device and the Apps from App Store are truly amazing.

Here are 10 to get you started.

1.  Twitter for iPad

A very impressive app for Twitter.  Works brilliantly and gives you the option to
RT and insert comments in them as well.  You can also upload pics and follow
your timeline in a beautiful display.  Very impressive.

2.  Ambient Soundscapes

One of my favourite apps at the moment.  You can choose between various
ambient sounds such as water, rain, beach, forest, thunder and more and listen
to it if you want to relax or do yoga or fall asleep.  Comes with a timer.
Great app.

3.  Adobe Reader

The PDF Reader from Adobe which lets you read pdf files on your iPad.
Perfect for all those PDF files you get.

4.  Skype for iPad

Skype comes to iPad and lets you do all you do on your computer on your iPad.
Take all your friends and business contacts with you on the go.

5.  PhotoCard Lite

A great app that lets you convert your images into wonderful photo cards
that you can send to all your contacts.

6.  WritersApp Lite

This one is for all the writer's out there.  A great app which lets you work on one
story at a time and helps you work on the synopsis, premise, plot, chapters, characters,
places, notes and so much more.  Perfect for scribes.

7.  Type on PDF 

A very interesting app which lets you insert writing or images onto a pdf on the go.
So if you get that email with a pdf where they ask you to fill in your info on the pdf
this app is for you.

8.  Archie

If you love Archie comics this app is for you,  full of wonderful issues like
Jughead, Archie and more.  Some are even free.  Wonderful design and read.

9.  Wallpapers HD

A wonderful app that lets you pimp your iPad.  Full of amazing high quality
images, updated all the time.  Some wonderful pics in this collection.
As one user commented you will probably have a new image on your iPad each week.

10.  Nightstand

A really interesting app which basically converts your iPad into a souped up
Display Clock with image and alarm and weather.   Quite amazing really
and has pictures that change all the time.

Well hope you enjoy all those Apps dear readers.

What are some of the Apps for the iPad that you love?

Fly high, Fly free

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